5 Things You Should Know Before Breast Augmentation In New Jersey

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5 Things You Should Know Before Having Breast Augmentation In New Jersey

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Before undergoing any elective cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s important to be well informed about what’s involved. Today, there is a lot of information online and many people like to research a lot as well, but protocols and details around breast augmentation can seem confusing at times. Here are 5 of the things we think you should know prior to scheduling your breast augmentation in New Jersey.

Downtime Is Required Following The Procedure

In most cases, patients require 5-7 days off from work and other responsibilities following a breast augmentation. After one week, it is safe to resume light work, however, manual labor and strenuous physical activities should be avoided for several weeks, particularly if your implants are placed behind the muscle.

Breasts With Implants Feel Different Than Real Breasts

Although breast implants have come a long way and silicone implants in particular are designed to mimic natural breast tissue, they are still a manmade material. As such, it is imperative to recognize that your breasts may feel different than natural breasts. While implants tend to be easier to detect in women who have little natural breast tissue, placing the breast implant below the muscle can also make it harder to detect.

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There Are Many Sizes, Shapes, Profiles, And Materials To Choose From

Once you have made the decision to undergo a breast augmentation, it is also necessary to select your preferred size, shape, profile and material. During your consultation, you will be able to try on a number of different implant sizers to help you select the best size for you. Your plastic surgeon will also help you decide between teardrop and round shaped implants, saline and silicone, and high and low profile breast implants, taking into account your body type and goals for the procedure.

You May Require More Than One Procedure

Although the manufacturers of breast implants have improved their design over the years, thereby increasing their longevity, it is important to understand that breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime. As a result, it is estimated that 25% of women require a secondary surgery after 10 years and most women will need to replace their implants after 15-20 years. In addition, women who are hoping to dramatically increase their cup size may require more than one procedure, as it is not advisable to drastically increase your bust size in just one surgery.

The Procedure Involves Some Risks

As with any surgical procedure, a breast augmentation involves some risks. Although rare, a breast augmentation may affect a patient’s ability to breastfeed in the future. This is particularly true of women who opt for the areola incision, as there is a chance that the minor ducts can be damaged or disconnected, making breastfeeding difficult or even impossible. However, incisions made under the arm or in the crease of the breast mitigate this risk.

There is also a chance that a breast augmentation may lead to a loss of sensation in the nipples, although even if the sensation is lost, the nipples will still respond to cold and stimulation. Finally, placing the implant behind the muscle greatly reduces potential problems for breast cancer screenings in the future.

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