5 Reasons To Plan For A Springtime Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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5 Reasons To Plan For A Springtime Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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As the holiday season draws to a close and everyone looks forward to NewYear’s resolutions and hopes for January, there’s a popular trend in New Jersey: breast augmentation in the Spring. This type of plastic surgery is more common than any other cosmetic procedure, and many women who undergo a surgical enhancement wish they hadn’t waited so long to make their decision. If you’ve been considering implants to improve the size, fullness or symmetry of your breasts, here are 5 reasons to plan your surgery long before Summer.

1. Look Better Sooner

Having surgery for any reason will require some temporary downtime and accommodations to your schedule, but making it a priority will allow you to enjoy the results sooner. People often plan vacations in the summertime, so having your New Jersey breast augmentation performed in Spring will enable you to look forward to those holidays instead of worrying about ongoing conflicts or restrictions.

2. Hide The Signs

Your cosmetic surgery will be performed with the utmost care and advanced techniques, ensuring the best possible results and minimal downtime. However, the placement of breast implants is a dramatic change for your body, and the natural response will include some swelling and potential bruising. You will also have incisions that need time to heal fully.

When you plan a breast augmentation in the springtime, you can take advantage of cooler temperatures to wear clothing that easily hides the signs of your surgery while still flattering your new shape. Depending on the size and material of your implants, Dr. Michael Gartner can place your incisions discretely in a few different locations which are very easy to cover up.

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3. Recover Comfortably

Depending on implant placement and whether you chose to have general anesthesia or local anesthesia with oral sedation, your recovery time will vary. You’ll want to rest for a few days, and many patients are able to return to work in sedentary jobs within a week of their procedure. As you recover, Spring is an ideal season because temperatures are mild and you don’t need to bundle up against the cold or hide from the sun when you go outdoors. Light layers are the most comfortable way to dress after getting implants, and by the time Summer weather arrives, you’ll be back to full strength, looking better than ever.

4. Enjoy Spring Fashion

Spring fashions are very practical for hiding the signs of recent breast augmentation in New Jersey since they tend to provide more coverage than Summer styles. However, this Spring you can also enjoy a fresh wardrobe that highlights your new curves. You don’t just have to think about keeping your incisions covered – you can also enjoy wearing light fabrics that cling to your figure and accentuate your more feminine shape.

5. Be Ready for Summer Activities

When the weather gets hot and the days are long, everyone wants to take advantage of fun activities. Whether you love going to the beach, enjoying road trips, or cooling off with water sports, you can look forward to your best Summer yet after you’ve fully recovered from your Spring breast enhancement. Implants can take 1-6 months to settle into their ideal position and shape, so the sooner you get them,the sooner your breasts will appear full and natural in bathing suits and summer dresses. You’ll need to avoid rigorous activities for at least 6 weeks,so this timing allows you to be fully operational when the warm weather hits.

If you’re already looking forward to Summer, then this Spring will be the perfect time to get the shape you’ve been dreaming of finally. Book your free consultation with Dr. Gartner to learn what breast enhancement options will achieve your body goals.

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