Why Smaller Breast Implants Are Becoming More Popular?

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Why Smaller Breast Implants Are Becoming More Popular?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

In previous decades, many women undergoing breast augmentation surgery requested a drastic change, often tripling or even quadrupling their cup size, but more and more women are now opting for a subtler enhancement to increase their bust by as little as one cup size. Although this trend varies from one region to the next, the growing number of celebrities opting to downsize their chest size or remove their implants altogether has led more women to seek natural, functional results.

Influence Of Celebrities

Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham, and Heidi Montag, who once made large implants popular, have recently removed or reduced their implants, embracing a more natural cup size. As a result, while large, double D breasts were once synonymous with sexy, society is beginning to view smaller breasts as equally attractive, which has led more women to request a subtle enhancement and implants which make them a B or C cup.

More Natural Results

Although some women still prefer the ‘augmented’ look, more women are now choosing a less obvious augmentation, proportionate to their body type. When selecting their implant size, women are carefully considering their overall physique, natural tissue and athleticism in order to choose an implant that will be practical while looking naturally full.

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More Functional Results

Many women today live a very active life style and do not want the burden of large breasts which can hold them back or stand in the way of some physical activities. In addition, as a result of their emphasis on fitness, many athletic women have a slimmer build, which means larger breast implants would not suit their frame. Instead, smaller, less projecting implants are selected to enhance their bust without hindering functionality.

Long lasting enhancement

Although in many instances, breast implants may need to be replaced after 15 years, they now last much longer than previous generations of breast implant, so many women are selecting smaller implants to ensure that their breast size will be suitable for the next few decades. Over time, larger implants may impact posture and result in back pain or even weigh breasts down, making a breast lift necessary.

If “perkiness” is one of your aesthetic goals, it makes sense to think about lower weight implants that can resist the pull of gravity over time. To reduce the likelihood of future surgery, many women now consider both their desired outcome and the long-term impact when selecting their breast implant size.

Whether you are hoping for a subtle, natural enhancement or a drastic change, if you are considering a breast augmentation procedure, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Gartner, a highly qualified double-certified plastic surgeon, in order to determine your eligibility for this procedure. Dr. Gartner will listen to your needs, discuss the various implant options, and develop a personalized treatment plan in order to help you achieve your desired result.

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