Need to Know About Safety of Textured & Smooth Breast Implants

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What You Need to Know About the Safety of Textured and Smooth Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Are smooth breast implants right for you? You might be surprised to know there are pros and cons for each implant surface type. Your physical factors could lead your surgeon to recommend one over the other. While both implant types have a silicone shell, textured implants have a rougher surface covered with thousands of tiny micro-crevices. Because of this, the body’s tissue locks into them as it heals and prevents them from shifting in the implant pocket.

Smooth breast implants, on the other hand, are smooth like a balloon and able to move freely within the capsule, giving them a more natural feel. Your surgeon will advise you about which type is right for you based on your consultation and the procedure planning you do together. We hope to shed some light on any questions you have regarding the two implant types.

1. What should I know about the nature of textured breast implants?

Textured implants first hit the scene in the 80s. At the time, surgeons hoped they would lower the risk of excess scar tissue developing around implants (known as capsular contracture). Capsular contracture can be uncomfortable and may even alter the appearance of implants. Since then, there hasn’t been sufficient evidence to show choosing textured implants over smooth has a significant impact on capsular contracture.

Textured implants feel a bit firmer than smooth and are available in round or anatomical ( teardrop) shapes. They have a rough texture so they can adhere to the capsule inside the breast pocket. Women who are undergoing reconstruction after a mastectomy, often go with textured implants to rebuild their desired shape.

If placed on top of the muscle, folds in the shell may be visible through the skin. They have also been linked (in rare cases) to a type of lymphoma called ALCL. Your plastic surgeon will make you aware of all the considerations and risks for each option and help you decide what makes sense for your body.

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2. What should I know about the safety of smooth breast implants?

Smooth implants are currently the most popular among patients and surgeons. Their silicone shell is soft and silky. Their slippery surface stops them from adhering to the capsule so they can move more freely to mimic natural breasts. Because of this, their folds and wrinkles are less apparent. Non-textured devices tend to have a longer life span. However, because they are more mobile in the pocket, malposition is a possibility. This can be minimized through expert surgical technique and long-term support of the breasts.

There are a few reasons that could preclude someone from choosing to go smooth. One example being if the breast bone is concave (called pectus excavatum) which makes keeping implants in place long-term more challenging.

3. How can I make an informed choice?

Your procedure will be customized just for you. It’s helpful to research and plan a list of questions before your consultation. Dr. Michael Gartner is a breast augmentation specialist, and he’s renowned for providing patients with body contouring that balances and enhances their proportions beautifully. We welcome you to contact us and schedule your consultation today.

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