Why New Jersey Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Still Trending?

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Top Reasons Why New Jersey Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Still On Trend In 2018

Breast Augmentation With Implants

People don’t talk as openly about breast augmentation as other types of cosmetic surgery but this hasn’t stripped augmentation of its title as the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. This isn’t just because women still want to enhance their breasts but because the technology and technique behind breast augmentation in New Jersey has continued to advance and better meet the needs of patients. Take a look at some of the secrets behind why breast augmentation won’t be losing its top spot any time soon.

Under the Muscle Technique

One of the advanced breast augmentation techniques is when the surgeon creates the space for the implant underneath the breast muscles instead of on top. The technique’s precision reduces the recovery period and minimizes potential discomfort. As an added bonus, breast augmentation that places the implant underneath the muscle produces a more natural enhancement effect that is perfectly complemented by developments in implant technology.

Gummy Implants

Silicone gel implants are a recent development in breast augmentation that has sometimes been likened to having a gummy-like consistency. What this means is that a silicone gel implant is very good at sticking to itself, just like the aforementioned candy. The gel is so cohesive that it even stays together and won’t spill out if an implant is cut in half.

What this means for people getting New Jersey breast augmentation is that silicone gel implants do not ripple or wrinkle as much and can promote fuller volume and shape compared to saline implants. Most importantly, silicone gel is better at mimicking the feel and movement of breast tissue so the final result will look more natural–especially when combined with the under the muscle technique.

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Mixing Lifts and Augmentation

A breast lift is a separate type of procedure that, much like a facelift, focuses on treating excess or sagging skin, positioning of the breast, and tightening the underlying muscles. Developments have made it easier than ever to combine breast lift and breast augmentation in ways that are both more cost-effective and less intense on the body than doing both procedures individually.

This is an advanced approach that allows surgeons to better customize their services towards many different needs. One of the better examples of this process in action is the Mommy Makeover–a set of services designed to restore and enhance a woman’s breasts following the rigors of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


It’s important to remember that New Jersey breast augmentation is not a permanent change and it is possible to make adjustments later on. This is one of the reasons the procedure has enduring popularity since it means that women are able to change the size of their implants as times, personal preferences, lifestyles, and tastes change. It also means that women who were using older-style implants are able to swap them out for newer generations to enjoy longer-lasting and more natural-looking enhancements.

Doctor Michael Gartner is one of the few surgeons in the United States to hold Double Board Certification with both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He is renowned as an innovated in cosmetic plastic surgery and harnesses the latest techniques and technology to deliver optimal results for his patients.

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