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How To Select A Bra After Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Following breast augmentation surgery, you will be advised by Dr. Gartner to purchase a supportive, post-surgical bra.

These bras are specially designed to provide additional support and protection for your healing breasts until the implant pocket and incisions heal. Following are some of the tips to consider before you set out to shop for surgical bras.

Wear the Bra Consistently

According to world renowned plastic surgeons, it is extremely important for women to wear a supportive surgical bra following a breast augmentation surgery. Following the procedure, your surgeon will provide details regarding the bra requirements so that you can purchase the type that will be the most suitable for your chest while it is healing. You will be required to wear the bra for at least four to six weeks following the surgery, day and night, so plan to purchase a few of them so that you can alternate between them.

Avoid Bras With An Underwire

It is common for women to wear bras that use underwires to provide support, however, it is recommended that you avoid underwire for at least 6 weeks post breast augmentation because they can inflict pain at the surgical site or even damage tissue and impair healing. It is common for people to experience temporary numbness in the lower breast poles and surrounding incisions.

You may not feel a wire’s pressure causing damage until the damage is done. Underwire is not always shaped or placed ideally either which could mean unwanted manipulation or distortion of the implant pocket while it heals. Push-up bras are also not recommended until the implant pockets heal which can take up to four to six weeks. On the other hand, sports bras would be suitable to wear at this time and front-closure types will be the easiest to put on.

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Look For Quality

Your post op bra should have good cup support, fit snugly but not too tight and preferably be adjustable. Because you will be wearing the post op bra so consistently, quality material, elastic, soft straps, and good general construction will be well worth it.

Try it Out Before Buying

There are no set standards for bra manufacturers to provide sizing so it will be difficult for you or your surgeon to predict your future bra or cup size. Aside from the addition of breast volume, in the first couple of weeks post breast augmentation surgery, swelling will expand your chest circumference and make regular fitting items feel tight. It is recommended that you try on bras and ensure you have at least one which fits more loosely to wear during the early post op phase. If the band is very tight or pulling up it will be quite uncomfortable later on as it applies pressure to incisions.

If you require any further information please contact us at (855) 956 – 1661 to arrange a consultation appointment with our clinical staff. International clients residing outside the United States can reach us at +1 (201) 546 – 1890.

With adequate care and dedication from both the patient and the surgeon, it is possible to achieve a fast recovery with minimal discomfort and swelling. A positive recovery experience will allow you to get back to your regular routine and enjoy your body transformation sooner.

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