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What Is A Scarless Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Popular in New York, breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. This transformative plastic surgery can have an incredibly positive impact on a patient’s body contour, boosting their confidence and self-esteem, however, many women considering this procedure are understandably concerned about the risk of visible scarring. Nobody wants scars, yet they are a reality for any cosmetic surgery.

While the traditional, inframammary technique requires making an incision in the inframammary fold or crease beneath the breasts- leaving a visible one or two-inch scar- Dr. Gartner is proud to specialize in the innovative transaxillary technique, also known as the armpit cut, in order to provide the least visible scar option available.

What Is The Trans Axillary Technique?

The trans axillary technique is one of the most popular and advanced breast augmentation procedures due to its ability to deliver virtually scarless results. During this procedure, a small incision is made in the armpit, where a breast implant will be inserted using an endoscopic camera. This allows the surgeon optimal visibility when placing the implants and results in a beautiful, natural outcome.

The armpit breast augmentation approach can be customized to your individual needs and goals for the procedure, whether you prefer saline or silicone or use of a local or general anesthesia. As with our other breast augmentation procedures, the transaxillary technique can be completed using the wide-awake approach, minimizing the necessary downtime and potential negative effects of general anesthesia.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Transaxillary Technique?

There are many benefits to the armpit or transaxillary technique, which makes it a very sought after option. One of the greatest advantages is the fact that this technique leaves no scars on the breasts themselves because the incisions are made in natural creases in the armpits, an area of the body that is rarely seen and typically heals very well. In addition, the scars themselves are very small and difficult to detect so they easily blend into the skin. Thus, even if these faint scars are seen, they will not appear to be scars and will therefore not be seen as an indication that you have had surgery. This makes armpit incisions one of the most popular choices for breast implants.

Another advantage of this specialized technique is that it places the implants below the muscles, which means that no trauma to the muscle is necessary. As a result, the recovery time is minimized and there is no negative effect on future breastfeeding because the breast tissue is not injured. This method offers a reduced risk of capsular contracture, the hardening of implants, or bottoming out, the downward movement of implants.

To learn more about this exciting breast augmentation technique, we welcome you to contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Gartner, a leading double-board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in transaxillary or scarless breast augmentation in Manhattan and New Jersey. Dr. Gartner will listen to your goals for the procedure in order to determine whether this is the right technique for you.

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