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Proper Sleeping Positions After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation With Implants

After undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it is important for patients to incorporate some minor lifestyle changes to ensure safe and optimal healing.

These lifestyle modifications will be explained by Dr. Gartner. For your reference, the surgeon will also provide a copy of post-surgical care instructions to help minimize risks and concerns associated with the procedure.

It is essential to alter the sleeping position for optimal healing for the first few weeks after surgery. To avoid any unnecessary pressure on the healing breast tissue and displacement of the implant pocket, most plastic surgeons advise their clients to sleep strictly on their backs for the first four to six weeks post-breast augmentation. In this position, the breast tissue will not experience direct pressure or malposition, nor are the incisions under additional tension or strain. You can prop up your head and shoulders with couch cushions, or, elevate the entire head of the mattress, (before surgery) with stiff cushions or textbooks.

Inflammation and bruising can be a normal part of recovery after cosmetic surgery. Damaged nerves and tissue as well as placement of deep, internal sutures will cause discomfort- especially when shifting position and experiencing gravity pulling on the area. Sleeping in a position other than on your back can relocate the implants from their intended position, and expose the breast tissue to excessive pressure.

When you sleep on your back, gravity has a limited effect on the breast tissue as there are muscles and chest wall underneath that provide the required structural support to hold the breasts in position without being stretched, pulled, or compressed. This one lifestyle modification can significantly restrict the degree of swelling and bruising.

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Women who have undergone a breast augmentation procedure with implants should not sleep on their side for the first few weeks or on the front for at least 6 weeks, while the implant pocket is still healing and scar tissue is not completely strong yet. Usually it takes at least a few months before the front laying position is comfortable again and by that time it is completely safe to do.

In summary, sleeping on the back will keep the implants from being damaged or malpositioned, or from waking you up in pain late at night. For the first 6 weeks, the implant pockets will mature and heal surrounding the implants in the correct position. After four to six weeks, patients can expect to go back to their regular sleeping position and wear a bra of their own preference.

By following these directions, you will significantly reduce your risks of developing complications typically seen following breast augmentation surgeries. You can expect to experience a shorter recovery period and avoid unnecessary revision procedures to correct complications. If you require further information please contact us at (855) 956 – 1661 to arrange a consultation appointment with our clinical staff. International clients residing outside the United States can reach us at +1 (201) 546 – 1890.

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