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Pregnancy And Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation With Implants

A significant number of women express concern about the impact of pregnancy on breast implants and breast augmentation results.

One of the most common myths that we have come across at Gartner Plastic Surgery is that breast implants will prevent lactating mothers from breastfeeding. While it is not possible for the surgeon to guarantee that the breastfeeding experience following the augmentation procedure will be uneventful, we have never had a situation where a client was unable to breastfeed their newborns because of augmented breasts.

According to Dr. Michael Gartner, the intention to one day become pregnant should not prevent you from getting breast implants, however, he advises potential clients to consult their surgeons if there are any plans to become pregnant in the near future. Keep in mind that pregnancy can change the appearance of the breast tissue and implants. Though breast changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding can vary from person to person, it will be helpful to discuss with your surgeon what changes you can expect.

Sagging Breast

As mentioned above, pregnancy and breast implants can coexist without causing any health issues, however, it is important to understand that there may be some visible changes to the appearance and contour of the augmented breast. For instance, during lactation the mammary glands become engorged due to increased production of milk. The swollen glands can stretch the skin and tissues surrounding the breast resulting in eventual sagging and stretch marks. These stretch marks may somewhat resemble the wavy marks left behind on the abdomen, or belly, following a pregnancy. These cosmetic changes can be visible even after lactation stops. If you are concerned about these changes, consider discussing it with our clinical staff during the surgical consultation.

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The third concern that we would like to mention is that some women notice rippling at the lateral sides and bottom of the breast after discontinuing breastfeeding, which may become more prominent when leaning forward. Though these changes can occur anywhere around the implant, it is more commonly visible from the bottom or side of the breast where tissue is the thinnest over the implant.

Loss of breast tissue density and increased laxity of skin may result in the implant being held more loosely in the pocket- showing rippled, collapsed edges through thin skin. Research suggests such changes are more commonly seen in patients with saline implants placed over the muscle.

If these changes are a concern for you, you can discuss the options of using a silicone implant to be placed under the muscle. If you have already undergone a breast augmentation surgery but notice signs of rippling of the skin around the breast, see your plastic surgeon in person for assessment.

Nowadays, it is extremely common for women with breast implants to maintain great results through and post pregnancy. Depending on the incision route implants are placed through, there will be minimal if any effect on breast tissue of milk duct function. US residents can reach us at (855) 956-1661. International patients are advised to call us at +1 (201) 546-1890 or contact us online for a consultation with our clinical staff.

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