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New York Breast Augmentation Real Talk – When Is It Time To Get Your Implants Changed?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

A common misconception about breast augmentation is that implants need to be changed every ten years. With today’s advanced and completely redesigned implants, this is no longer true. Implants don’t expire—but there may be times when removing or changing an implant is desired. There are several different circumstances that may affect whether a revision breast augmentation in New York is necessary. Here is a quick primer on how to know when to consider changing or removing a breast implant.

Mechanical Failure

Breast implants are extremely durable and some types can withstand up to 300 pounds of pressure. Implants are, however, subject to wear and tear just like everything else and it’s possible for leaks or ruptures to occur. These events are not dangerous but can be inconvenient. Your surgeon will likely go over the details of what to do in such an event before you undergo a New York breast augmentation, but the likely outcome is that the implant will need replacing.

Breast Changes

As you age, your breasts will undergo changes like any other part of the body. Breast tissue can change, scar tissue can develop, breasts can droop or change size from pregnancy or breastfeeding, etc. These changes may not compromise your breast implants, but they may affect how well they look. If this is the case, then another breast augmentation in New York may be needed to remove the implants or exchange them for models that can better complement your developed body.

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Personal Preference

Preferences and fashions change with time and it’s possible for someone to simply no longer want the implants they received years prior. A youthful desire for a stunning New York breast augmentation may change to more subtle tastes. Technological improvements could make switching to a newer implant model a better investment. Alternatively, you may wish to undergo cosmetic procedures such as a breast lift and decide to update the implant at the same time.

How Is A Removal or Exchange Performed?

A revision breast augmentation will make use of the original incision site when possible. In some cases, depending on changes in the breast and presence or absence of a scar, a new incision site will have to be used. Just like with your original breast augmentation, your surgeon will be able to go over the specific details of revision procedures ahead of time.

Many women who undergo breast augmentation never need an implant replaced or changed. However, some may find that they no longer desire their implants in the same way that they used to, or may require replacement due to breast tissue changes.

It could be that their breasts have stretched and need a new implant or lift procedure to improve the shape. These developments are not flaws or hazards; they are simply part of living with breast implants, in the same way that someone with glasses may need to update their prescription or get new frames.

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