New Jersey Breast Augmentation - What Changes Can You Expect Over Time?

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation – What Changes Can You Expect Over Time?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

When women decide to undergo breast augmentation, they often consider both how they will appear after the surgery and how their breasts will look later in life. Wondering about how the results will change over time is normal and uncertainty about the future is common. Here is some insight into how a New Jersey breast augmentation can change over time and what you should keep in mind when planning ahead.

How Breasts Age

Most women will find that their breasts begin to droop as they grow older as a natural consequence of gravity on the skin and how the skin will thin over time. It is also possible for a woman’s breasts to lose volume in later years and take on a flatter or more deflated appearance. In some cases, the hormone changes during menopause can cause the breasts to grow and become fuller or more rounded.

Aging & Implants

No matter how much a woman’s body changes with age, her implant will stay the same. One the one hand, this is a benefit. It means that the results of a woman’s New Jersey breast augmentation will be long-lasting. On the other hand, it is important to realize that the results of augmentation are planned with a woman’s current appearance, body type, and breast structure in mind. As the tissue around the implant changes, it may not provide the same aesthetic improvement that it used to. It is also possible that the effect does not remain as subtle or naturally appearing as it did originally.

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There are two main options available when deciding how to address changes to breast augmentation. The first is to swap out the implant for one that can better compliment a woman’s new breast structure. This often has to do with the implant’s profile. Younger women tend to prefer implants with perkier profiles that sit higher on the chest. Older women who are updating their implant may still desire this type of profile or decide to exchange the implant for one with a more modest profile that does not project as much. This approach promotes a more flattering compliment to the way breasts naturally age.

The second option is to remove the implant entirely and return to your default size. Women who opt for this route find that their preferences have changed and they wish to focus more on responding to age-related changes in their breasts rather than aiming for enhancements to shape and volume. Breast augmentation can be used to correct slight sagging but for more pronounced cases a breast lift is often the more suitable procedure.


Another concern women have when thinking about the future of their New Jersey breast augmentation is how the implant might interfere with mammograms. Current surgical techniques place the implant underneath the muscle. This is below the glands and tissue that mammograms examine. So long as the technician is told ahead of time that you have an implant, they will be able to adjust their imaging to make sure the picture remains accurate.

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