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New Jersey Breast Augmentation Size Guide

Breast Augmentation With Implants

One of the most common concerns among women considering a Breast Augmentation in New Jersey is size. Although patients know that they want to enlarge their breasts, just how large they should be is often an area where it is helpful to have a professional opinion.

Breast implants are usually available in sizes anywhere from 100 to 1000 cubic centimeters (CCs). They also vary in diameter and height so it can be quite challenging to choose which size is right for you.

Most women are looking to increase the size of the breasts, but still have them look natural. When it comes to going larger, it is important to understand the natural limits of what your breast tissue can safely support while still producing natural looking results. Choosing an implant size that is in accordance with the individual characteristics of your breast tissue will help you have the best recovery and least chance of developing problems that require a re-operation.

When a shape or size that goes beyond the limits of your tissue is chosen, there is in increased risk of issues such as overstretching, tissue atrophy, and potential deformities.

When deciding what size to go with for your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey it is also important to consider your body type. For instance, women with a strong build are typically better able to carry larger, heavier breasts. Whereas, women with a lean build may suffer from chronic back pain if they choose an implant size that is much bigger than their original breasts.

Age is another factor to take into account since during certain times such as pregnancy, breast size will often fluctuate a few sizes up an down pre and post delivery.

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When it comes to size, it is important that the surgeon ultimately knows how to select the correct implant size to fit your individual needs. By ensuring that you have chosen a qualified and highly skilled surgeon for the procedure, you are able to minimize the risk of complications and need for a potential re-operation.

To get a better understanding of implant sizes prior to your consultation, you can also experiment at home. Filling a small Ziploc bag with water or dry rice and placing it in your bra can give you an idea of what size you are looking for. Since water or rice can be measured in millimetres, which is the same as CCs, it is a fairly accurate way to get a general idea of what size you are comfortable with.

Dr. Gartner is a Double Board Certified plastic surgeon, specializing in Breast Augmentation in New Jersey. During an initial consultation, he will complete a thorough assessment, including measurements to recommend the most ideal size for each patient.

Since choosing the right size is one of the most important factors when it comes to a successful outcome, Dr. Gartner offers a ‘try on’ session where patients are able to experiment with different textures and sizes of implants. Trying on these ‘sizers’ will help you determine whether you like how they feel. Using this approach allows patients to see their implants in real life and move around with them, giving a more realistic idea of the outcome than visualization software.

Being able to physically see expected outcome often helps patients make the best decision and results in higher patient satisfaction since the results are as they had expected.

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