New Jersey Breast Augmentation : How To Massage Your Implants

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation : How To Massage Your Implants

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After having breast augmentation in New Jersey, your plastic surgeon may advise you to massage or, displace your breast implants. Scar tissue will form when your body detects anything foreign;however, sometimes the natural scar pocket will form too tight or thick to allow breast implants to settle and remain soft. Tight breast implant pockets affect the look and feel of your breasts. Correctly performing breast massage after surgery will minimize the development of scar tissue, which ensures they maintain a pleasing shape and soft quality. Practicing breast massage can also speed up the healing process for your breasts by reducing fluid buildup and swelling. It’s key that your surgeon guides you as to how and exactly when this should be done safely and effectively.

When Can You Begin Massaging Your Breasts?

Before initiating breast implant displacements, you should ensure that your incisions are closed, protected and not bleeding.For the first two weeks, very gentle an slow maneuvers will help minimize risk of bleeding. If in doubt, be sure to check with your plastic surgeon that breast massage is safe for you. One week is usually sufficient time for the incisions to close and for your breasts to benefit from being massaged two to three times a day. Each massage can last two to three minutes, and you’ll want to continue practicing breast massage for three months or longer after your breast augmentation in New Jersey.

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Breast Massage Technique:

You can use moisturizing lotion or oil while performing your breast massage to avoid irritating the skin or pulling your incision. The proper technique doesn’ actually involve pulling on the skin and incision at all. Begin at the top of the breast, near to your armpit, and massage in a circular motion with the fingers of your opposite hand. Support your breast by cupping your other hand underneath it. Work your way around the edge of the implant in a clockwise direction, and take the time to knead and stretch any tissue that feels hard or lacks flexibility. When you first begin practicing massage after your New Jersey breast augmentation, you may feel nervous to use too much pressure in case you burst your implant –don’t worry, that’s not possible. Silicone and saline implants are highly durable, and you’ll need to apply enough force to move the implant within the breast pocket to be effective. Your plastic surgeon will show you how to firmly but gently perform the maneuvers.When you have massaged around the entire implant with light, circular motions, you can begin upward displacements. Begin with the palm of your hand under the nipple of your opposite breast, and gently press inward on the bottom of the implant, until you feel it shift toward the top of the breast pocket. Hold it here for about 10 seconds, and do the same for your other breast. You can repeat this upward maneuver 5 times slowly. Pressing inward instead of upward on the skin ensures no pulling on your incisions. The massage should not be so vigorous that it causes pain, but firm pressure against all sides of the implant through the course of regular massage will ensure the best aesthetic of your new breasts.

Keep In Mind That The Purpose of This Massage Is Two-Fold:

1. You are moving the implants within the breast pocket so that they do not become locked into a tight space, and they’ll remain soft and supple.
2. You are supporting circulation within the cardiovascular and lymphatic vessels in the surrounding tissue to reduce swelling and promote healing.

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