New Jersey Breast Augmentation - Here’s The Truth About Implant Size Choices

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation – Here’s The Truth About Implant Size Choices

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Breast augmentation is normally performed to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Choosing the right implant for the procedure, however, is not simply a matter of finding the biggest implant that will fit. Picking the right sized implant for a New Jersey breast augmentation is as much an art as a science and should be considered as carefully as the decision to undergo augmentation itself.

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Breast implants have ideal fits just like a pair of pants. Unlike pants, there is no such thing as a belt for breast implants. If an implant is too wide, the extra size cannot be tightened up. It has to go somewhere. The end result is that the implant will spill into the middle of the chest or protrude into the armpit.

If the implant’s width is sized right but the volume is too much for the woman’s body, the implant will end up being taller. This creates what is sometimes known as a “torpedo effect” and will not look natural or flattering. Balancing size, volume, and desire is an important part of picking the right implant for your New Jersey breast augmentation.

Use the Consultation

The consultation with your surgeon is an excellent opportunity to tap their expertise to determine what size range of implants will be the most effective. Your surgeon can assess your breast tissue, height, weight, skin elasticity, and other factors to narrow down the implants which have compatible sizes and shapes.

Are You A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed at our state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facility.

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Some manufacturers sell breast implant sizers. These are inserts you can place in a bra to get a sense of what different-sized implants will look or feel like. Although a handy tool, sizers may not offer the range of scales a woman wants to explore. Fortunately, there is also the rice test.

The Rice Test

This test uses a pair of nylon stockings, a bra in the goal size you wish to test, a measuring cup (ideally with cc or ml), and dry rice.

For the purposes of this test, each cup size above your own is equal to roughly 200cc/ml of rice. If your test bra is one size greater, measure out 200cc of rice. If it is two sizes greater, measure 400cc, and so on. Pour the rice into one of the stockings and repeat for its partner. The stockings should be tied closed but not too tightly so that they can move and be molded. Try on the test bra and place the stockings around your breasts. Take some time to spread out the rice so that the distribution is even and there are no large air pockets getting in the way.

Use this opportunity to see how you look in different outfits, get some input from friends on your test appearance, or just spend the day wearing your test size. Keep in mind that rice weighs less than silicone or saline so the actual implants will be heavier than the rice-stockings. To get a sense of weight, repeat the test using water in sealed bags.

Cup sizes vary between manufacturers and different bras will have different shapes, so the rice test is not useful for figuring out what shape or size you want to pursue. Instead, it is a way of determining which volumes might work for you and can give a rough idea of what you will look like wearing clothes following your New Jersey breast augmentation. The rice test is not scientific, but it is useful for what it aims for and can give you some fun stories to boot.

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