How To Manage Any Pain After Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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How To Manage Any Pain After Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

Breast Augmentation With Implants

There is so much to look forward to after breast augmentation in New Jersey. Patients anticipate great self-esteem and boosted confidence along with a more feminine figure. As with any surgery, there will be a recovery process, and patients can expect to feel discomfort at certain points in their healing. The good news is that any pain you feel can be managed very effectively, and this short period will be more than compensated for during a lifetime of enjoying your body shape more.

How Does Dr. Gartner Make Breast Enhancement Feel Better?

When you’re planning your pain management strategies, your surgeon can help you to prepare with realistic expectations and knowledge about comfort measures and methods of easing discomfort. Dr. Gartner administers pre-emptive anesthesia before your New Jersey breast augmentation begins to reduce your sensitivity. This decreases post-operative pain both immediately and long-term.

Another strategy that Dr. Gartner employs to ensure your ideal recovery is to preserve the ligaments that support the breast and attach it to the chest wall. Other surgeons may cut these ligaments to lower the inframammary fold under the breast, which can lead to implants bottoming out. Due to Dr. Gartner’s techniques, his patients do not run this risk, and you will not be required to wear an uncomfortable compression bra after surgery.

Instead, an ace wrap will provide support immediately after surgery and can be removed the next day. Your implants will be able to settle in the right spot naturally over time, and you can begin wearing a bra regularly after 2-4 weeks from your surgery.

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Some women report odd shooting sensations in their breasts or a burning feeling in their nipples following enhancement surgery. If you do experience these sensations, you’ll have options prescription medication, or a pain pump if needed, but often these are described as annoying more than painful.

Depending on the length and placement of your incisions, some women can experience discomfort if their clothing rubs the area, which others hardly experience any sensation. You can choose light clothing and avoid anything tight that may irritate your incisions, or be sure to wear a layer of soft fabric against your skin to protect those healing areas.

Pain in the breast generally eases off after only a few days, but it is also fairly common to experience achiness in the back and shoulders. This can result from the sudden change in your body’s proportions or the extra tension you’re carrying following your breast augmentation in New Jersey. Doing light stretches like arm circles, and shoulder rolls can help to ease neck and shoulder strain.

Your surgeon will advise you when you can resume more strenuous exercise and lifting, but for the first several weeks after your procedure, stick to gentle movements and very light cardio such as short walks throughout your day.

As you recover from surgery, keep in mind that any pain or discomfort will be temporary, while the results of your procedure will last for years. Speak with your surgeon to share any concerns you have during your recovery period, and follow their guidelines to ensure a faster, easier recovery with minimal pain.

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