Make Sure You Sleep On Your Back After Breast Augmentation New Jersey

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How to Make Sure You Sleep On Your Back After Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

Breast Augmentation With Implants

One of the most common post-op instructions following breast augmentation in New Jersey is to sleep on your back. This is no big deal for some, but a huge inconvenience for others. Are you one of the many women who wonder if you’ll be able to manage to sleep on your back for a few weeks after surgery? Here, we’ll outline why this is important and offer a few tips to help you.

Why do we advise New Jersey breast augmentation patients to sleep on their back?

Back sleeping after breast augmentation is a must to ensure excellent results and the most comfortable rest possible. While your body heals, a natural scar capsule will form around the implant to hold it in place and keep it safe. The implants are vulnerable to external forces, especially intense or traumatic pressure on the breasts. In most cases, the primary negative impact of applying pressure while sleeping is pain. While avoiding unnecessary discomfort is a worthy goal, we also want to ensure you don’t strain your incisions, cause bleeding, or harm your implant position in any way.

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Increased swelling and discomfort can prolong recovery, so here’s our sleeping advice:

Elevate the head of bed

Sleeping on your back with head and shoulders elevated roughly 30- 45 degrees, helps ensure the least amount of external pressure or blood pressure in your recovering breasts.

Gravity affects fluid retention in body tissues so that if you lay down flat, or have a dependent area of the body lower than others, it may collect fluid and swell more. To help offset the natural inflammation in breasts after surgery, we recommend that you sleep with the head and chest higher than the waist.

To achieve this, you can prop up the head of the bed at the legs, lift the upper end of the mattress, or build up a firm stack of pillows to rest on. It’s handy to prepare a variety of cushions before your surgery, including an airplane pillow for neck support.

Prevent yourself from rolling over

It’s also useful to enlist the help of body pillows which can be wedged along side you. After breast augmentation in New Jersey, rolling onto your side or front while sleeping is likely to wake you up because it will feel painful. Just in case it doesn’t, arranging cushions beside you to block repositioning can help. You can also place a stack of pillows under each arm at your sides. These take the pressure off breasts and help prevent turning.

Our patients find it handy to practice back-sleeping in the weeks ahead of their procedure. If the new position feels awkward for you, spend more time getting used to it long before the surgery date, and you could be a pro by the time you need it.

Back sleeping is only necessary for the first few weeks post-op, but we recommend sticking with it if you can. The benefits for your complexion, breathing and beauty are significant over time. You might help prevent wrinkles, and that’s a bonus everyone loves.

If you have questions about breast enhancement or the recovery period, we’ll be pleased to speak with you. Contact Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center today.

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