How To Keep Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey Under Wraps

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How To Keep Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey Under Wraps

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Have you been considering breast augmentation in New Jersey, but you’re nervous about people finding out? If so, you’re not alone. Not everyone wants to display their new assets and tell the world about cosmetic surgery. Luckily, for those who wish to keep a BA under wraps, they can, and here’s how.

Keeping A Breast Augmentation In New Jersey Secret, Is Easier Than You Think

If you want to stay under the radar after your breast enhancement, we’ve got tips for you. You can do at least 3 things to keep discrete: choose the best time of year, choose a low key size, and take extra time off.

The best time of year to recover in secret may be the coldest months. If you’ve got a New Year’s resolution to improve your appearance and finally get your dream breasts, right now is ideal because you’ll be well-healed in time for a spring reveal. It’s easier to cover up a little swelling or surgical bra under sweaters and layers. Many people find colder temps the most comfortable time of year to heal from cosmetic surgery.

Choosing subtle, natural breast implant sizes is completely on trend right now. Fewer women want to look obviously augmented these days and instead, they opt for smaller, lower projection implants that offer a realistic look and feel. In expert hands, you can have the “did she or didn’t she?” look you want.

Taking a week off may be enough for many people who have a low-stress job and no heavy lifting required. That doesn’t mean they’ll look and feel entirely recovered by one week though.

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Depending on your body and the implant size or placement you choose, your breasts could appear high and boxy for the first couple of weeks while pectoral muscles are temporarily swollen.

While it’s not difficult to hide under bulky clothes, if you want to avoid feeling self-conscious altogether, take as much time off as you can. The first two weeks are the most uncomfortable and nearly all swelling and bruising will be gone by the 14-day mark.

Here’s A Trick Some Of Our New Jersey Patients Have Used To Disguise A Breast Augmentation

Want to make it look like your bust increased naturally? Try this savvy method. Start by wearing a padded bra for a month or two, then double up for the last 1-2 months before surgery. People will get used to seeing you fill out tops a little more, and by the time your operation takes place, there won’t appear to be much difference.

After breast augmentation surgery, you may feel hyper-aware of your new additions, but the chances are most people around you won’t notice. The choice to improve how you feel about your body is a highly personal one, and you deserve it. Our helpful staff can give you tips to stay discrete, but we also encourage you to enjoy your new proportions and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

If you’d like to discuss your beauty and body goals for the upcoming year, we welcome you to contact us at Gartner Plastic Surgery Centre.

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