How To Get Natural Looking Breasts From Breast Augmentation Procedure?

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How to Get Natural Looking Breasts From Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

While a more dramatic ‘augmented’ look was previously desirable, more and more American women are now seeking realistic and natural results from their breast augmentation. To ensure that your results are natural-looking or even undetectable, it is crucial to select a highly qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience delivering natural results. The implant size, texture, shape, and position must all be considered carefully to achieve a beautiful, subtle enhancement.

What Is ‘Natural Looking’?

To achieve natural looking results, it is important to first decipher what is classified as ‘natural.’ One of the most important factors in creating natural results is proportion; a skilled surgeon will take into account your unique physique when helping you determine the most suitable size and shape for implants that are not too wide or full for your body. Subtle results will appear proportionate with the rest of your features.

In addition, ‘natural’ results mimic natural breasts in shape and projection. This means that women hoping for real looking results should opt for implants which have a gentle slope and project forwards. In addition, the nipple should be on the part of the breast that is most projected. The consistency and shape offered by silicone gel implants most closely resembles natural breasts.

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How Can This Look Be Achieved With Breast Augmentation?

In order to achieve natural looking results, patients, in consultation with their surgeon, should consider their body shape, chest width, height, and weight to select the size and shape that suits their frame. In addition to creating more realistic results, smaller implants help to avoid concerns associated with larger, disproportionate breast implants such as sagging or back pain.

It is also important that patients have realistic expectations for the procedure and consider their lifestyle when choosing their implant size. A more moderate, natural implant is often best suited to individuals who hope to remain athletic following the procedure.

While it is important to do your research prior to your consultation, it is equally important to be flexible when determining the most suitable breast implant size for your desired results. Your surgeon will provide you with sizers to try on various sizes, selecting the one that meets your needs and creates natural results. Studying the surgeon’s before and after photos will also help you to determine the size, placement, and implant type that is best suited to your individual goals for breast augmentation.

To learn more about how to achieve natural-looking results from a breast augmentation surgery, please contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Gartner, who will walk you through the process, helping you determine the size, shape, placement, and texture that will achieve your desired results. Taking your individual needs, goals, and body type into account, Dr. Gartner will develop a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve the subtle, natural results you want.

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