How Soon Can I Swim After My Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

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How Soon Can I Swim After My Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Our New Jersey breast augmentation patients are often on a mission to develop their ideal beach body. It’s understandable that after they undergo breast implant surgery, they want to know how soon they can get to the ocean and go swimming.

While breast augmentation in New Jersey is more popular than ever, it’s essential to know that this is a surgery requiring careful healing and precautions after. We encourage our clients to understand the timeline for recovery to ensure optimal results and let them know when they’ll be ready to get into new lingerie and swimwear. If plans to swim are in your future, read this guide first.

Protect your incisions after breast augmentation in New Jersey

You’ll have stitches in your breast augmentation incisions and protective, medical tape covering them. For the first two days, we ask patients to keep the area dry, so no showering is allowed until roughly 48 hours have passed.

After that point, gentle washing in the shower and patting the area dry with a towel is enough for safe care, but no baths, swimming pools, hot tubs or swimming in the ocean are allowed. This restriction will be in place for roughly 2 – 3 weeks until the incisions are completely closed. Your plastic surgeon will examine you and give you the all-clear when you’re healed enough for safe swimming.

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Why can swimming be unsafe after breast augmentation?

Many people know that public pools and hot tubs contain high levels of bacteria. They also have bleach and salt added to help offset those health risks, but these aren’t sufficient to protect open wounds, and the agents used to clean water can be irritating. The ocean has plenty of its own bacteria that can negatively affect your incisions if exposed. Even your bath at home has more bacteria swimming in the water with you than you may think. For this reason, fresh, running water is the only safe option until incisions are closed. That usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks. Soaking a wound which is actively healing can also macerate the edges and slow the process down.

Avoid cardio for 3 weeks

Swimming is excellent aerobic exercise, but you’ll be advised to pause the gym and hold off on strenuous activity in the first few weeks after surgery. Elevating blood pressure can increase your risk of bleeding, and it may promote swelling and discomfort. Sports, jogging, biking, swimming, and even sex are advised against until you’ve passed that milestone of safety.

You can certainly walk outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine, but keep your heart rate steady until your surgeon says you’re ready.

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, Dr. Gartner will be pleased to meet with you. He’s a body contouring expert and the best choice to get you beach-ready in time for summer.

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