Gummy Bear Breast Implants NYC: The Pros & Cons

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Gummy Bear Breast Implants NYC: The Pros & Cons

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Gummy bear breast implants in NYC are one of many options to choose from when planning a breast augmentation. If you’ve been planning your dream breasts for a while, you’ve likely heard the term floating around since the mid-2000s. They are a type of silicone cohesive gel implant and when they were approved for implantation in the US- they quickly became all the rage.

The name refers to the gummy, semi-solid texture of the silicone they contain. Liquid silicone breast implants are no longer available, and the new generation of redesigned, far safer devices have a cohesive filling which will not flow or leak like a liquid if the shell is breached. Among the various types, those referred to as gummy bear tend to mean the firmest, anatomical-shaped implants. These have a dense gel designed to hold the teardrop form. Many women choose gummy bear implants because they want the teardrop shape instead of fullness in the upper breast area.

Are the new implants safe?

Breast implants inserted by a qualified and experienced surgeon are generally very safe. Because of technological advances, modern breast implants are not likely to rupture or leak when compared to previous models.

Gummy bear breast implants are particularly strong and designed to hold their integrity under far more pressure than a person’s breast will endure. If a defect or injury leads to a damaged implant shell, the gel will stay in place, but the implant will need to be replaced. It’s important to get regular breast exams and screenings as recommended by your surgeon.

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The surgeon might also need to use a longer incision to insert gummy bear implants, which means a slightly longer scar.

Risks inherent to all breast surgery and medical implants apply and gummy bear implants in NYC also carry a slight chance of rotation. With a round device, this wouldn’t pose a problem, but the rotation of anatomical implants does require surgical correction.

Gummy bear breast implants in NYC are quite safe, like all FDA approved, new implants. When you select an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon and follow maintenance instructions afterward, you can expect a smooth recovery and satisfying results.

Are they more expensive than other types of implants?

The additional cost of gummy bear breast implants accounts for the durability of textured, cohesive gel implants along with the realistic shape and soft feel of natural breasts. Because of their advanced features, gummy bear breast implants in NYC are generally more expensive than regular saline or silicone-gel implants. Of course, pricing always depends somewhat on individual surgeons and geographic location.

After learning about gummy bear breast implants, you might be thinking they’re just what you’re looking for. We’ll be happy to tell you more and let you see them for yourself. Contact Gartner Plastic Surgery today and schedule your own consultation. With so many options for beautiful, natural breast enhancement, this is a great time to take the next step toward a shape you’ll love.

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