Get Back To Exercise Safely After New Jersey Breast Augmentation

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Get Back To Exercise Safely After New Jersey Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation With Implants

A key part of ensuring your recovery goes smoothly following breast augmentation is to minimize potential strains on your body. This can be difficult for people who like to feel active or who are used to a regular exercise routine. Speaking generally, physical activity and exercise can be safely resumed after the first three days following your New Jersey breast augmentation.

The tricky part is figuring out what types of physical activity and exercise are safe during which recovery stage–especially since different people will define “exercise” to mean different things. Take a look at the following categories of exercise and activity to help plan your post-augmentation routines.

Light Activity

Light activity, such as walking, should be done as soon as possible after the surgery. This is even true during the first few days when bed rest occupies most of your time. Taking light walks around the room or home every two hours will promote blood circulation and aid the recovery process. Having said that, it’s also important not to push yourself too hard immediately after your breast augmentation and it’s ok if you skip walks for the first day or two if you still feel too nauseous or dizzy from the anesthesia. Safety first!

Lower Body Exercise

You should stick to regular walking and avoid activity that works up a sweat until at least two weeks after your New Jersey breast augmentation. It will then be safe to increase the intensity of your activity so long as it focuses on lower body work, such as using a treadmill or walking uphill. A stationary bike will also be safe if you pace yourself properly and don’t strain your breathing. A key point to keep in mind is to avoid activity that engages your abdominal muscles when possible since these can pull at the skin surrounding the incision site.

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Upper Body Exercises

Any exercise involving the upper body is inadvisable during the first few stages of your recovery. This is because you run the risk of agitating the surgical site or dislodging the implant before it has properly settled. Even exercises that only make use of a single arm can engage the pectorals. It is strongly advised that you err on the side of caution and refrain from pushing, pulling, straining, etc. until at least six weeks have passed.

If you know what you are doing and can avoid engaging your pecs, it is possible to do certain arm exercises (such as curls) starting at week four. However, it is strongly advised that you consult your doctor beforehand and listen to them if they ask you to hold off a bit longer.


Sports are typically high-energy activities and need to be avoided for the first six weeks after getting breast augmentation in New Jersey. This is doubly true for any sport that involves a ball. It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that taking an errant soccer/foot/basketball to the chest can harm your new implant.

Listen To Your Body & Your Doctor

It’s important to remember that these are all general rules of thumb and everyone goes through recovery differently. Pay attention to the signs your body sends and stop any activity that feels uncomfortable or is putting pressure on your breasts. Don’t forget that your doctor is a key resource when figuring out what activities will work best for your unique path through recovery. Consult them if you are unsure about anything and take whatever guidance they offer to heart.

Doctor Michael Gartner is one of the few surgeons in the United States to hold Double Board Certification with both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He prides himself on his refined surgical technique and on minimizing the length and discomfort of his patients’ recoveries.

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