Breast Implant Settling After Your Breast Augmentation in NJ

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Breast Implant Settling After Your Breast Augmentation in NJ

Breast Augmentation With Implants

It’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve had your breast augmentation in NJ, and this is uncharted territory for you. You’re not sure what to expect; what’s normal and what calls for a follow-up visit with your plastic surgeon. One of the concerns many new patients encounter following breast augmentation is implant settling, or “drop” which can test the patience.

The term, “settling” refers to how the implant position and the way it feels will change over a period of a few months, until the inflammation is gone, and the overlying tissue softens.

What can I expect immediately following my breast augmentation in NJ?

Almost immediately following augmentation, you’ll notice that your breasts appear to have a high, raised position. This is often the case when implants are placed partway under the pectoral muscles. First impressions may also reveal that your breasts look smaller than what you anticipated.

Following any surgery, the muscles and tissues surrounding the surgical site will feel taut; this is your body’s natural response to being disrupted. Eventually, the breasts will relax, allowing the implant to fall into a more natural position. Your breast size may also seem to increase, and this can be explained by your implants dropping into a lower place on your chest and expanding in size as the breast tissue and surrounding muscles apply less pressure on your implant. For the first few months after breast augmentation in NJ, give yourself and your new assets the chance to relax. The final appearance has yet to emerge.

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Factors that Impact the length of time it takes for breast implants to settle:

There is no simple formula to determine the time it will take for a breast implant to settle. However, there are a few factors that significantly impact drop time.
First, shape plays a role. For patients who have chosen a round breast implant, swollen tissue and the pectoral muscles can result in a more elevated appearance with upper-breast fullness appears strange to you.
Secondly, the positioning of the implant is a determining factor. When an implant is placed behind the pectoral muscle as opposed to above it, there is more compression over the area during the healing period.
The third factor, a woman’s athleticism, can determine the length of time for settling. Patients who have more muscle definition, especially in their pectoral area, may find that they require a longer wait time for settling to occur.

Your original breast size, the characteristics of your skin, the sensitivity and swelling you’re prone to, and the size of your implants will all influence your unique recovery experience. If the length of settling time is of concern, you can talk with your plastic surgeon about the possibility of post-surgical massage. If appropriate, they’ll advise you of how this and some medications or supplements can affect the process. Dr. Gartner, your double-board certified breast enhancement expert will be happy to discuss options and help you feel great about your body again.

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