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Breast Augmentation Planning In New York – Is Summer A Good Time?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Summer can be a thrilling time for women as the swimsuit season gets into full swing. It can also be a source of anxiety for those who are less than thrilled with how they look in a bikini. A New York breast augmentation is one approach some women take to improve how well they fit into a swimsuit. Here are some tips to help plan out a breast augmentation that gets you ready to show off in style at the beach.


An important detail to keep in mind when planning for a breast augmentation in New York is that you cannot go directly from your surgeon to the beach. The first three days after your augmentation will be spent relaxing at home doing only very light activity and resting. You will need at least a week before you can engage in office work or other activity that requires regular arm movement.

Incisions are protected with steri strips that must stay in place and keep dry and protected for the first week or two. If you want to do any swimming, then you will need to wait until the 2-3 week mark. These time frames are short enough that you can get a breast augmentation during the summer without missing out, but long enough that you should try to schedule your surgery at least 2-4 weeks before any beach vacation.

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Implant Type & Placement

Size is not the only aspect that a New York breast augmentation can change. The type of implant you use and how it is placed can affect projection (how far forward the breasts are), cleavage (the exposed area when wearing normal clothes), and width. How much breast tissue you have, the size of the chest wall, and general body type will affect the final result. Broadly speaking, however, wider implants lead to more cleavage and over-the-muscle placement can make larger and more projected implants more feasible.

Don’t Plan Ahead Too Much

It is best to avoid pursuing breast augmentation in order to fit a certain type bathing suit or to achieve a specific cup size. There are two reasons for this. The first is that sizes vary by manufacturer so there is no way to guarantee that one brand’s size C is the same as another. The second and more important reason is that everyone responds to cosmetic surgery differently and it is not possible to ethically guarantee a specific size result. Your surgeon will be able to discuss likely outcomes and offer predictive modeling, but that is the limit on what can be reasonably offered. What all of this means is that it is better to wait until after your New York breast augmentation, when you can see and measure your new size, to go swimsuit shopping.

Use Sunscreen

This is not directly related to planning for a breast augmentation but it’s an important tip for any woman planning to show off their new look at the beach. Proper use of sunscreen is very important for promoting a smooth recovery since the skin around the breasts and incision site will be particularly sensitive following augmentation surgery. Keep safe during the summer by using sunscreen before heading outdoors, even applying it to areas under your clothes, and avoid tanning beds until your recovery has fully completed.

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