Breast Augmentation New Jersey: How To Choose Best Implants For You

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Breast Augmentation in New Jersey: How To Choose The Best Implants For You

Breast Augmentation With Implants

One of the most memorable aspects of planning your breast augmentation in New Jersey will be selecting implants. If you’re like many of our patients, you’ve collected “wish pics” and compared notes with friends as your preparation got underway. Looking to others for comparison and advice about bra cup size is very common, but it might make things tougher for you.

That’s because the ideal size and shape of breast implant to fit your body and your expectations will be unique to you. Choosing an expert plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure is the first important step you’ll take. Here, we’ll describe a few other helpful tips for implant selection.

Breast augmentation in New Jersey is about the look, not the cup size

Many of Dr. Gartner’s patients request the same cup size but have varying ideas about what that will look like. One person may picture a C being very full and curvy, while another imagines that letter representing a subtle, natural breast. When viewing pictures of other women in their bras and swimwear, it’s also rare that patients will guess consistently and accurately what size the breasts are. Bra manufacturers vary quite a bit in their manufacturing of sizes.

This is why we suggest that you focus on a “look” you want, then tell your surgeon. For instance, an athletic figure, especially for very active women, will involve a moderate profile and size compared with requests for curvy, or “DD.” If you wish to be an hourglass shape, or if you want full cleavage, try to describe the look and style you imagine for yourself. This gives your surgeon a practical idea of what you’re picturing, and they can provide samples to try on accordingly.

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Don’t be surprised by asymmetry

Approximately 80% of all women have a natural imbalance in the size or positioning of their breasts. While in most cases this is not noticeable to the patient, sometimes one or more cup sizes of volume difference make it a daily frustration. Luckily, breast augmentation in New Jersey allows for placement of very specific, custom volumes. You can improve the balance of breasts by placing different sizes. Your plastic surgeon will take measurements and guide you regarding the benefits of this option.

How are breast implants measured?

Their diameter and width are measured, and the volume of fill in your implants will also have a number measurement. These are available in “cc’s,” or cubic centimetres. Here are some volume comparisons:

  • > 1 teaspoon: 5 cc
  • > 1 tablespoon:15 cc
  • > 1 Coke can: 355 cc

Knowing these numbers helps patients to keep in mind that CCs are relatively small and it takes a significant amount to make a big, visible impact.

Excellent communication will increase your satisfaction

This is no time to be shy. Your plastic surgeon will work diligently to curate a selection of implants which fit your body and your stated goals. They’ll provide opportunities for you to see and handle the implants, ask questions and compare. Your surgeon can make suggestions and recommendations, but ultimately, you’ll need to choose what you like. Don’t hesitate to share your dreams and expectations, along with your concerns and questions, so you can ultimately enjoy the new shape you really want.

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