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Breast Augmentation In New York Looks More Natural Than Ever – But Will Your New Bust Fool Everyone?

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Many women pursue a New York breast augmentation in order to grab head-turning looks but plenty aim for the opposite. For women who value a subtle, natural-looking type of enhancement, keeping their augmentation secret is a top priority. This concern often comes up when wearing form-fitting clothing, or during intimate moments with a partner. Fortunately, modern implants and techniques are designed to conceal visual signs of surgery and mimic the natural texture and feeling of breast tissue. Consider this a primer about what makes breast augmentation so tricky to detect.


Sometimes the biggest visual sign that someone has undergone breast augmentation is the incision itself. Standard procedure for New York breast augmentation places the incision along the crease underneath the breast. The folds of the skin and the breast itself will naturally conceal the site and any scar that forms. The chance of seeing a scar is higher the closer you are to the surgery date. Any scar that develops will shrink and fade as recovery progresses and you take the appropriate aftercare steps.

The other visual clue that could give away your augmentation is if the outline of the implant itself can be seen under the skin. The good news is that, unless you have thin skin and minimal breast tissue, it is very difficult to see an implant even under direct inspection. Techniques such as under-the-muscle placement can make spotting an implant even harder. The type of implant also matters as well.

Broadly speaking, saline implants move in a more natural manner but can produce wrinkles that make close inspection more likely to succeed. Silicone gel implants hold their shape better and come in teardrop models that mimic the natural slope of the breast, but also don’t always move the same way as natural tissue. Your surgeon will be able to give more specific details about the types of implants you can choose from.

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Feeling & Texture

How easily a breast implant can be felt depends on a mixture of size, model, placement, and body type. Large implants, over-the-muscle placement, low amounts of breast tissue, and thin skin make it easier to feel out the edge of an implant and vice-versa. Silicone gel implants are also better at providing a dense, realistic texture and are more suited for fooling the average physical encounter.

Saline implants, on the other hand, can show rippling more easily and feel less natural to the touch in thin women. In other words, the most natural-feeling model to use will depend on your existing breast tissue and the goals you have for the look and feel of your breasts.

It is worth keeping in mind that all of these descriptions about how easy or hard it is to identify implants are relative. Any New York breast augmentation carried out with a top plastic surgeon will be challenging to spot from casual observation. Even under direct visual or physical inspection, implants won’t easily betray themselves regardless of model. You can rest easy in knowing that people won’t learn your secret unless you choose to tell them.

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