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Breast Implant Placement

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Breast augmentation surgeries are one of the most customizable surgeries available in modern medical practice.

The wide range of implant types and sizes currently available on the market can be overwhelming, but many patients have a good idea of the look or size that they want to achieve. It is less common for a patient to understand what implant placement options are and the pros and cons for each. To guide our clients through the selection process, Dr. Gartner offers a thorough consultation prior to the surgery.

During the consultation, our clients will be presented with a few, similar implant types and sizes to choose from. Dr. Gartner will be present to provide details about the benefits and risks associated with each specific implant so that you have the necessary information to choose the one that meets your specific requirements. Your surgeon will also provide in-depth details about the breast augmentation procedure and where the implant will be positioned to achieve optimal results.

In regard to the position of the implant, you will be guided about implant placement being over or below a muscle located in your chest known as the, “pectoralis major”. There is interactive media available at our clinic to visually explain the procedure and layers of tissue in the chest so that you can understand this aspect of the procedure more easily. The indications for using one or the other position depends on the individual patient’s anatomy, clinical history, and their desired result.

In most cases, the choice to place an implant over or part way under the muscle will not be difficult as Dr. Gartner will advise you about which will give you the best result. In general, our clinic recommends our clients have breast implants placed partly underneath the pectoralis major muscle and completely under breast tissue to achieve a more natural appearance.

The benefit of this approach is the reduced visibility of the implant due to the additional layer of muscle on top and smoothing of the upper implant into a sloped, natural shape. This position is especially recommended for patients with little or no breast tissue present, since the muscle will give a more gradual slope in the upper area of the breast, creating a teardrop shape and minimizing implant visibility.

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Individuals with adequate breast tissue can also choose to have their implant positioned over their pectoralis major muscle and under the breast tissue. In the case of women with little to no breast tissue, this implant placement can result in a more visible upper implant pole and augmented look.

When breast tissue and fat is sufficient for coverage, this placement may be recommended to give slightly deflated or sagging breasts a perkier appearance. As more of the implant surface is able to push out of the breast tissue, a fuller look can be achieved. For those women who have minimal sagging and do not require a breast lift, the sub glandular, (over muscle) placement may be recommended.

Typically, this placement means a shorter and less painful recovery period and faster settling of implants. This placement produces the best results with silicone cohesive gel implants which are less likely to show rippling than saline.

Please contact us at (855) 956 – 1661 to arrange a consultation appointment with Dr. Gartner. International clients residing outside the United States can reach us at +1 (201) 546 – 1890. Dr. Michael Gartner is a double board certified plastic surgeon and runs his practice at multiple locations in New York (Manhattan) and New Jersey (Paramus, and Eatontown) for your convenience.

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