Types of Bra Woman Needs After A Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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3 Types of Bra Every Woman Needs After A Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

Breast Augmentation Lift

Few elements of breast augmentation in New Jersey are exciting as planning a new wardrobe to dress and highlight your fuller breasts. Swimwear and bras, in particular, can be fun to shop for,but some women wonder if there are specific guidelines or restrictions for what they can wear post-op. As well, until your breasts are completely healed, fitting your new underwear can be a little tricky.

Many women have gone a lifetime without paying much attention to their measurements or the precise ways that bras are constructed to fit them. When inflammation and tightness remain in the breast tissue, bra cups could appear ill-fitting and cause unnecessary frustration. Your bra band may also change within the first couple of months due to residual swelling. It’s helpful to know when your body is ready and what to shop for.

Work Out? You’re Going To Need A Sport’s Bra

This could be a foreign concept for previously small-breasted females who never worried about weight and chest movement when jogging or jumping around. The regular jostling of even a little extra weight can lead to soreness and back pain over time. Look for a well-constructed bra that fits appropriately all over—sides, back, front. Medium or full support is vital if you jog or move a lot. Stabilization could also prevent sagging in the long term.

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Underwire Bras After New Jersey Breast Augmentation

People often ask if these are safe and acceptable after their surgery. Most plastic surgeons will advise you to wait at least six weeks after having implants to put on an underwire bra. If done too soon, the hard wire can interfere with healing, nerves and implant pocket position. The good news is, once your surgeon fully clears you, you can wear all the underwire and push up you want. You may be accustomed to looking for as much padding as possible. Pro tip: implants are lifted as one unit when pushed from the bottom, so a lot of padding can make the breasts appear strange and distorted. You will need to try bras on and make sure they fit very comfortably, but also ensure you don’t overestimate the padding you’ll need- a little goes a long way!

Sleeping Bra

Not all New Jersey breast augmentation surgeons advise a bra for sleeping, but there are a few compelling reasons you may want to have one right after surgery and for years after. One is that until your nerves entirely heal, shifting positions or staying in one place for a while can cause some aches and pains. It may take six months or more for your new breasts to feel completely normal. Until then, having little soft support at night helps ease strain at the sides or incisions due to back and forth movement while you sleep.

Another good reason to wear a soft bra at night is the extra support it will give to your skin. Your breast implant pockets were created in precise positions,and during the healing and strengthening of the pocket, support to help hold that position may reduce the likelihood of malposition or bottoming out. Again, not all surgeons share this concern, however, if the bra you choose to sleep in is not restrictive, is free of wires or hard parts, and fits comfortably, there’s nothing to lose by going the extra mile. If you’re unsure whether your chosen bras are ideal for you, ask your plastic surgeon, and they’ll be happy to give their professional feedback.

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