The Most Important Things to Know Before Your Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC

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The Most Important Things to Know Before Your Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC

Brazilian Butt Lift

NYC Brazilian butt lift surgery is in demand and you may have heard by now that this is an extremely satisfying cosmetic procedure to reshape the figure. The well-defined, curvy volume people want for their bottom can be sculpted by an expert plastic surgeon. Dr. Gartner is one of the first and most innovative surgeons to perfect fat grafting for the buttocks. He treats numerous patients from New Jersey and NYC with Brazilian butt lifts, but first, there’s critical information they need to know.

Do you know the difference between a butt lift and an NYC Brazilian Butt lift?

There is a substantial difference between standard butt lift surgery and what’s known as the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL. Butt lift surgery is designed to remove skin and change the shape of a person’s buttocks through tissue removal. Those who qualify for the procedure have typically lost significant body weight. Conversely, the Brazilian butt lift increases the size of a bottom through the addition of a patient’s own fat. The process is known as fat grafting and is autologous- meaning the tissue used can only come from you. Fat is removed from one or more areas using liposuction, then injected to the buttocks through many small injection sites until the desired shape is achieved. That grafted fat takes hold and continues to live in the region where injected, leading to a softer, curvier and larger buttocks shape.

How does a BBL help a figure?

The Brazilian butt lift is most in demand with people who naturally have a small, flat or underdeveloped butt. If they have a wider middle abdomen or flanks, it’s a direct way to change the figure to an hourglass through removing then reinjecting fat strategically. Sometimes, simple relocation of a person’s body fat can be incredibly slimming, while also helping them fill out their clothing better.

Are You A Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift

If you’ve been wondering what this cosmetic surgery can do for you, consider a few key benefits. Besides a more hourglass figure, the Brazilian is considered relatively safe and low risk. Our micro-droplet technique uses small cannulas to spread fat cells across the buttocks. There’s a much lower risk of infection than for butt implants because we use your own body fat rather than artificial implants. The incisions are incredibly small and will be well-hidden in natural creases or below the underwear line. Recovery after a BBL with Dr. Gartner is remarkably fast, at roughly one week, compared with some similar procedures.

Need to know before surgery

Once your procedure is complete, you’ll need to remain reasonably still for about a month. It’s best to plan modified work that you can do from home and lengthy time away from the gym. During recovery, small tubes are sometimes left in place to drain fluid for roughly one week. You’ll need to avoid sitting directly on your bottom for several weeks post-op so the healthy new fat cells can heal and establish themselves. There are specialized cushions and supportive garments your surgeon can recommend for you.

It’s helpful for patients to know that their initial buttocks size may appear larger than the final target. That’s done intentionally to allow for some downsizing when swelling resolves. Roughly 70-80% of your injected fat can be expected to remain long term. If you have questions about a Brazilian butt lift in NYC, book a consultation with body contouring expert, Dr. Gartner.

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