The Best Way to Sit & Sleep After Your Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC

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The Best Way to Sit & Sleep After Your Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC

Brazilian Butt Lift

With a Brazilian butt lift in NYC, you can sculpt, volumize and build up a booty you love with no signs of surgery. BBL is technically a cosmetic surgery procedure, but since it uses thin cannulas for liposuction and fat injection, the results look incredibly natural.

It’s no wonder this body contouring procedure is in high demand. Like many things that deliver a big reward, there are some drawbacks to contend with while recovering from a butt lift. Sitting and sleeping comfortably tend to be the trickiest adaptations you’ll make during the temporary healing phase after your procedure. We’ll explain how to get comfortable and have the smoothest recovery with optimal positioning after your BBL.

The first days after Brazilian butt lift in NYC

After having a general anesthetic, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit dizzy, tired and queasy for the first day or two. You’ll need to have comfy zones set up in your home to lay down and relax. Unlike cosmetic procedures affecting your front- such as a breast augmentation or tummy tuck- this one requires you to lay on your front, so there’s no pressure on the back. Fat stem cells injected into the buttocks need uninhibited blood flow. You’ll need to rest on your front with pillows to prop up your chest and arms when you wish to read, watch TV, eat and socialize. It can take some getting used to, and it is helpful to prepare comfort zones in the home ahead of time.

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Sitting after Brazilian butt lift

After one month, you can begin sitting for brief periods, and your surgeon will recommend a donut or Boppy pillow to keep pressure off the buttocks. These pillows are designed with a hole for the bottom and allow the thighs to take the brunt of force instead. You can modify rolled towels at home, placed under knees and positioned behind the back to decrease pressure on the butt. When driving, accelerating and braking causes the body to push down into the seat, so patients are advised not to drive for 6 weeks.

Sleeping post BBL

Front-laying can put a strain on your neck. Dr. Gartner recommends that when you’re not sleeping, you get up regularly to walk around. Feel free to “lean” rather than lay on your front when socializing. As long as there’s no pressure on the buttocks, many positions are fine. The positioning restrictions after a BBL are challenging. There’s no way around it, and our patients find the process is easier to tolerate and less frustrating if they are well-prepared with realistic expectations. Rest assured that once you are completely healed, you can return to regular life and enjoy long-lasting, beautiful results.

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