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How Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Done?

Brazilian Butt Lift

NYC Brazilian Butt Lift recovery

The Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC, also known as a BBL, provides shapely volume in all the right places. This popular procedure delivers high patient satisfaction, but there are pros and cons to any procedure, and the BBL is no exception. While most would say the required time off and a few restrictions are well-worth lasting results, you’ll need to be aware of the limitations expected post-procedure- especially when it comes to sitting.

So, you’ve decided to go for it and get that curvy bottom you’ve always wanted. You’ll need to plan carefully to ensure recovery goes smoothly and you do everything you can to preserve your gorgeous results. The recommended time off after a BBL is approximately three weeks. That’s longer than the time recommended for many surgeries, and the reason is: sitting.

You may not realize how much you put weight on your buttocks daily. While the discomfort is usually described as minimal and some temporary swelling or bruising is normal, the most challenging aspect of healing is generally avoiding pressure on the buttocks.

Newly implanted fat stem cells will be establishing a new blood supply and taking hold in their grafted location post-procedure. For the first few weeks, those cells mustn’t be traumatized. Applying pressure could restrict the valuable, healing nutrients they need and diminish graft survival.

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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Activities to avoid

For this reason, patients will usually be advised not to drive for a few weeks because pressure is transferred to the lower back and buttocks while sitting, accelerating or braking. Exercise bikes, sitting in chairs and other positions that press on the buttocks are to be avoided. Using the toilet must continue of course, but those should be brief exceptions.

You’ll need to take time off at the gym because squatting, stretching, and cardio can be counter-productive during this time. Walking is encouraged, but you’ll need to avoid activities which are designed to burn fat.

BBL pillows

There are helpful products designed to make the sitting issue easier. A donut pillow or BBL pillow is designed to take the pressure of your body onto the upper thighs, not your bottom. Your plastic surgeon will explain how to ease back into sitting when the time comes using helpful devices like these. If you can arrange to do work from home, laying on your front or standing while in front of a computer can help you to remain productive.

Sleeping positions

Sleeping post-Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC often means sleeping on the front or sides for at least 3 weeks. Depending on where exactly you had fat grafted, your surgeon will recommend soft, supportive positioning aids to keep you in the right position and off your back.

The best way to receive accurate and personalized instructions for your recovery is to book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Gartner will be pleased to meet with you and help plan your new body shape.

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