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Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

If you need a little help adding volume to your bottom, you’ve got something in common with an increasing number of New Yorkers. No matter how many squats you do, genetics will affect the shape and size of your buttocks. Have you dreamed of moving your unwanted fat from one area to where you really need it? It may sound like wishful thinking, but an NYC Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) does just that! With this incredible fat grafting surgery, you can reduce inches from your waist, arms or thighs, and transform it into fuller, curvier buttocks (buttock augmentation).

How does this body reshaping surgery achieve such incredible natural looking results, and what do you need to know about the details of planning and recovery process for your own transformation? Dr. Michael Gartner is renowned in Manhattan, New Jersey and across the nation because of his advanced buttock augmentation methods, including buttock implants. We’ll break down your need to know facts about Brazilian Butt Lift in New York City.

What Can You Expect From Your Brazilian Butt Lift IN NYC?

  • No two butt lifts are alike, so results may vary, but most patients find their bottom has a perkier, rounded, desirable shape and contour once healed.
  • One of the notable ways our patients measure enhancement is with clothing that fits better.
  • Their wardrobe gets a makeover as they feel naturally sexier and more confident wearing figure-flattering styles.
  • Some women are frustrated by their broad shoulders or large chest, yet after their augmentation, they feel proportionate and more balanced overall.

With your personalized BBL procedure, you can:

  • *Reduce the unwanted amount of fat you have on your waist, love handles, legs or arms.
  • *Add smooth, rounded volume and projection to flattened, sagging or small buttocks
  • *Smooth out dimples and cellulite that appears on the buttocks
  • *Change the balance and proportion of your figure to be more of an hourglass
  • *See an immediate enhancement, with optimal results realized in a couple of months.

BENEFITS OF A Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift in New York City stands out among other cosmetic procedures, and its incredible benefits make it a patient-favorite. Consider a few of the leading reasons our patients love this body-shaping procedure:

You can avoid the risk of butt implants with Brazilian Butt lift. Brazilian Butt Lift Using your own fat cells means you avoid the risks associated with synthetic implants or fillers. Nothing but your own, real, healthy fat cells are used to create the beautiful natural looking results of a BBL procedure. There’s no risk of allergy, implant rejection or displacement.

The incisions are far less invasive compared with other surgeries. Liposuction and fat-grafting are done with thin cannulas and needles. A Brazilian butt lift is one of the least invasive cosmetic surgeries you can choose.

Incisions are tiny. That means your scars will be too. Because BBL incisions are only a few millimetres long and placed in discrete areas, they’ll be virtually undetectable once healed.

Bonus**- A skilled plastic surgeon can make it appear as though you didn’t even have a surgical procedure, but naturally lucked out with an ideal, curvy figure. Incisions can be placed in creases and folds to hide well even when nude! Be sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery.

A BBL procedure is the only way that some people can get the shape they want. Your genetics aren’t your fault. You might find that no amount of exercise or body-building creates the hourglass shape you dream of. Strategic, surgical relocation of your own body fat ensures you can finally have it where you would like it, and not where you don’t.

Get whole-body reshaping out of one procedure. One of the top reasons that Brazilian butt lifts in NYC are trending is that patients can do so much more than add soft, natural volume to their buttocks with buttock implants. Because liposuction is required to harvest fat cells for grafting, you can’t help slimming down your other body areas! BBLs are unique in that they ensure you get a whole-body makeover while you enhance your bottom. You can remove fat cells from your abdomen, love handles, thighs, even the back of the arms. Where would you like to slim down?

NYC Brazilian butt lift results are permanent, however, results may vary depending on different factors. This is the best benefit of all- your quick, two to three hour procedure is designed to create lifelong curves that won’t disappear after a few months or require replacement. Your newly positioned fat cells will become a long lasting, lovely part of you.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Patients who are unsatisfied with the shape of their butt can enhance their look with butt lift surgery.

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is Trending in NYC- What Makes it a Game-Changer?

Visible Improvement

90% of female patients surveyed who had a butt lift reported visible improvement of proportion and projection in their buttocks. * study; Body contouring of the gluteal region in women: enhancement and augmentation[1].

Powerful Visual Impact

This procedure delivers a powerful visual impact. It not only adds curves, but it serves the dual purpose of slimming your waist. This popular treatment truly represents body sculpting at its best- without the negative aspects of scarring related to some procedures.

An Appealing Option

Liposuction and fat grafting utilized for Brazilian Butt Lifts in NYC leave tiny, micro-incisions that hide nearly flawlessly in natural creases or discrete zones. No wonder this is such an appealing option for people who want a bigger behind.

BBLs Have Increased In Demand

BBLs have increased in demand by nearly 20% as per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It turns out that using your body’s own natural resources to look and feel better, beats wearing layers of awkward padding, hiding under baggy clothes, or even synthetic implants. Does this sound good to you? Let’s look at the process of undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift.



Find Out More

Feel free to schedule a consultation for Brazilian Butt Lift in New York City if you say “yes” to any of the following:

  • Are unhappy with a small size and shape of your butt?
  • Do you understand that there are risks associated with cosmetic surgery, including BBL?
  • Do you have realistic expectations for enhancement given the body fat you currently have?
  • Have you considered buttocks implants?
  • Have you purchased “booty-lifting” garments, girdles and padding?
  • Do you have some excess fat on your abdomen, back, or thighs?
  • Are you sick of feeling self-conscious and hiding your figure? Want to feel curvy and confident?

Ready to schedule a Consultation at One of The Top 10 Plastic Surgery Clinics in New York?

Your one-on-one consultation is an essential part of your transformation. You’ll have a consultation with Dr. Gartner to learn more, share your goals and questions. During the consultation, you’ll discuss:

  • The details of the procedure
  • Final results you can expect
  • Related risks
  • What to expect during recovery period
  • Your health situation
  • Your surgical quote
  • Options to contact us and book your surgery

If these questions resonate with you, the next step is to meet with an experienced, qualified plastic surgeon in person. They’ll listen to your concerns, questions and goals. They’ll examine you, help you understand what options you have, and whether a Butt Lift could be right for you. Call or write to make an appointment. Dr. Gartner won’t rush you and will ensure you’re entirely comfortable before proceeding.

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Plastic Surgery Center New York Dr. Gartner

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Dr. Gartner Is Pleased to Offer A Fully Equipped Private Surgical Center

Our state-of-the-art surgical facility is accredited with the highest certifications of any ambulatory center in the country. When choosing private, dedicated care for your cosmetic procedure, you can count on experienced, empathetic staff and security in your booking schedule. Undivided attention, safety and your experience are our top priorities.

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Preparing for Your Surgery

You’ll receive instructions to prepare you for an NYC Brazilian Butt Lift, and you’ll need to take these seriously to see optimal results. Your instructions may include discontinuing certain medications or lifestyle changes. Ask your board certified surgeon for details. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Fill prescriptions and gather supplies like extra pillows ahead of time.
  • You’ll need to set up comfortable places to rest while avoiding pressure on the buttocks.
  • Arrange for rides to your doctor appointments and ask someone to help you take care of household tasks for the first weeks if possible.
  • You’ll have to pause gym memberships right away and stick with low-key activity until you’re cleared to work out again.
  • The procedure will go depending on the amount of fat, if you don’t have that much fat, you may be advised to gain some weight before surgery. Dr. Gartner will tell if this applies to you.

How is the NYC Brazilian Butt Lift Done?

This surgery is done under general anesthesia.

  • Small incisions are made where fat will be harvested. Standard liposuction is done for common areas, including the abdomen, waist, or back.
  • The aspirate is processed in a hand-held centrifuge to isolate high-quality fat stem cells. Fat is injected with small pearl-sized drops into the tissue.
  • Layering with the Micro-Droplet technique creates a smooth, uniform shape with less risk of contour irregularities. Once the sculpting is complete, you’ll be awakened gently in our recovery area.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery period

After Brazilian Butt Lift, you’ll be able to see your figure improvement right away. Within the first 2-4 days, your swelling and bruising will increase, and for the first week, you can expect to feel uncomfortable. Dr. Gartner will prescribe medication to ease soreness, and you’ll be advised to position yourself without pressure on your buttocks. You can’t sit directly on your buttocks for a couple of weeks.

Learn What To Do After Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

From the second week until the sixth, you’ll be allowed to sit briefly using a donut cushion or other methods of offloading pressure to the thighs.

  • You’ll have a compression garment to wear for six weeks.
  • You can return to work after roughly 7 days, depending on what your work involves. If your job requires sitting for several hours, you should hold it right away, it may have to take several weeks after surgery to get back to work.
  • Most people can return to the gym around 4 weeks after surgery. However, jiggling activities like dancing or jogging may need to wait longer.
  • Talk to your plastic surgeon about restrictions that affect your lifestyle.
When Will You See the Final Results?

You’ll see a significant decrease in swelling by 3- or 4-weeks post-procedure, but expect roughly 4 months for complete long lasting results. Though final results may vary, you’ll appear slimmer in areas where fat was removed, and love your reshaped, fuller bottom. If your abdomen was a donor site, you’ll enjoy a more hour-glass figure.

Potential Risks and Complications To Consider Related to Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

You’ll receive detailed information about inherent risks and ways these are mitigated during the operation, or by your actions once home. Since the first part of your BBL involves harvesting fat through liposuction, related side effects like swelling, bruising, bleeding, and discomfort are possible, the procedure will be performed in the operating room. Some patients experience temporary nausea after a general anesthetic in the operating room. In some cases, transferred fat after the fat transfer procedure will be reabsorbed. Some asymmetry or partial loss of fat can occur. Repeat surgical procedures may be needed.

The following surgical risks are rare and require medical attention:

  • Fat necrosis or calcification
  • Hematoma/ seroma
  • Irregular scarring
  • Prolonged discomfort and pain
  • Infection


Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC- How Long Does It Last?

Your plastic surgeon will intentionally over-inject fat because some will be naturally reabsorbed. However, the fat stem cells which establish themselves in the new location are expected to last for decades. Because grafted fat cells are living tissue, they stay where healthy blood supply is established. Natural aging can change the buttocks shape and weight loss shrinks fat cell size. That means patients must maintain a healthy weight and supportive muscles in the buttocks to maintain the look they love.

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

When Can I Resume Exercise After The Procedure?

After a Brazilian Butt Lift, patients are advised to avoid sitting and refrain from elevating their blood pressure for 3 weeks. After that time, modified, brief sitting and limited physical exercise can resume. It will be a full 6 to 8 weeks before full physical activity is permitted. The reason restrictions are precise and careful is so that delicate fat cells can heal in place, undisturbed. Tiny blood vessels will grow and establish the health of transplanted fat, but sudden increases in blood pressure or physical compression of the buttocks can impair healing. You’ll be asked to sit with an inflatable donut pillow for two months and to avoid driving until your surgeon clears you.

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

Is There A Scar After An NYC Brazilian Butt Lift?

Scars related to this procedure are typically tiny and well-hidden. That’s one of the attractive features of this seemingly “scarless” procedure. Liposuction will be performed on one or more body areas to collect enough fat cells. That means you can expect small scars less than 1cm in length, and they’ll be placed in natural creases or below the underwear borders whenever possible. They fade over time and are nearly invisible by 1-year post-procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

Who Is Not A Good Candidate For BBL?

Because it requires an autologous fat transfer, only the patient’s own fat can be used. Butt implants may be advised in cases where a patient doesn’t have excess fat for liposuction. Additionally, those who have health conditions, including cardiovascular immune or bleeding issues, may not be suitable candidates for cosmetic surgery. A thorough and personalized consultation is required for each patient to receive the best advice for themselves.

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

How Soon Can I Start Wearing Jeans After The Procedure?

Wearing jeans after Brazilian Butt Lift may be one of your top goals, but great care is taken in the early months to ensure adequate healing. A delicate balance between gentle, controlled compression and free blood flow is ideal. Each surgeon has their own protocols, so you’ll need to discuss the level of tightness you can wear following surgery. Usually, final results of fat transfer can be appreciated by about 6 months after treatment. Proper postsurgical care is crucial for smooth recovery, and optimal results. Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC requires a serious investment of time and caution while healing, ranging from activities to clothing choices. Rest assured you’ll look fantastic in your curvy jeans once completely healed.


No guarantees of any kind unless they are money-back guarantees. No claims of permanent results. No “Miracle cures” for medical ailments.*

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