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What You Need To Know When Recovering After Your Brazilian Butt Lift In New York

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re following cosmetic surgery trends in New York, Brazilian Butt Lift will remain at the top of your list this year. With thousands of patients flocking to plump their bottoms throughout 2018, the wave of people seeking this fat-transfer technique isn’t slowing down yet. If you’re interested in having a BBL yourself, you’ll want to know more about the recovery before you get started. We’ve compiled a list of ‘must-know’ facts for BBL recovery.

How Is A Brazilian Butt Lift in New York Done?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is performed using a patient’s own body fat to increase the size and improve the shape of buttocks. This is done through a surgical technique known as fat grafting or, fat transfer.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot take another person’s fat and place it in you- only one’s own, unwanted body fat can be transferred. This is known as an autologous procedure. Usually removed from the abdomen, back or thighs via liposuction, fat is carefully injected to the target areas of a person’s backside to round it out and add volume.

Will You Experience Pain After Your Procedure?

Patients typically experience moderate pain and sensitivity in “harvest areas” where liposuction was carried out. Bruising and temporary swelling around the fat injection sites are also common. Though you will not have significant incisions after surgery, (the incisions used are very small) there is localized inflammation in treatment areas.

Dr. Gartner uses long-acting local anesthetic to reduce the amount of discomfort his patients experience. Additionally, pain can be well- managed with prescription medication if needed. The swelling and discomfort reduce dramatically after the first 5-7 days.

Are You A Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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What Will You Notice The First Week After Your Brazilian Butt Lift In New York?

You can expect to see a little fluid tinged with blood, leaking from the incision sites. These will be covered with steri-strips and may have a stitch or two in place. Don’t be alarmed by fluid drainage through the first few days as this is expected due to the method of liposuction. Count on it reducing and resolving around day 3.

You Will Need To Adjust Sitting & Sleeping

You may have heard that after a butt lift procedure, patients need to stay off their bottom for a time in order to get the best results. Applying pressure on the fat recipient areas can limit blood circulation and damage the grafts- meaning the fat won’t stay where placed.

At Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we ask patients to temporarily avoid sitting directly on their bottom, or even sleeping on their back. A specially designed ‘BBL pillow,’ may help you to shift the weight of your body off buttocks and on to the back of your thighs instead.

You’ll Need To Wear A Compression Garment

Following BBL surgery, one of the most important parts of recovery involves a compression garment to be worn regularly over the lipo harvest areas. This helps reduce swelling and compress the tissue where desired, but the buttocks area is usually left open in these garments. Your surgeon will let you know exactly what to wear and for how long, to see optimal results.

Are There Activity Restrictions?

You should expect to take 2-3 weeks off work because although you’ll likely feel fine before then, you must avoid sitting and other strenuous activities that could raise your blood pressure.

High impact physical exercise increases swelling, and it may disrupt the grafted fat, so this is to be avoided for a number of weeks until your surgeon clears you. Walking and other light activity is usually fine from 2-3 weeks, then at 6 weeks, more vigorous activity can resume.

Remember to ask plenty of questions as your plastic surgeon and their enhancement team will be able to guide you through every step of your Brazilian Butt Lift body transformation.

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