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What Will Happen If I Lose Weight After a Brazilian Butt Lift in NJ

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lifts in NJ are as in-demand as ever this year. More patients are discovering the benefits of this fat-grafting procedure to sculpt and reshape their figure. It’s no wonder BBLs are popular, considering minimal scarring and the ability to use your own body fat for added volume in the right places ( while shrinking others.) So, what happens if you lose body fat after you undergo your procedure?

Brazilian Butt Lift in NJ- Maintain results

Dr. Michael Gartner is a body sculpting specialist in New Jersey. He’s pioneered advanced and innovative techniques for Brazilian Butt Lift which make him highly sought after by patients across the country. He recommends that you be at or near your target weight before undergoing the procedure. While losing 5 pounds is unlikely to result in a visible change to your result, fluctuating by 20 pounds or more could.

Cancel your diet

As well, after your surgery is not the ideal time to try to get in shape or intentionally lose weight. You’ll be experiencing widespread inflammatory, healing responses in large areas of tissue for roughly 6 weeks. Healing requires energy, and your body will struggle to heal optimally while also working hard and burning fat. Good circulation, regular walks and healthy eating are advised, but aerobic activity or calorie restriction are not.

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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Because fat cells grow and shrink, in the long run, you may find your butt size changes when you lose weight. As long as those fat cells are well-established and healed, you should expect them to expand again when you put on weight. The most problematic time to restrict calories or shed fat is in the immediate post-op phase. Your surgeon may advise an increase of healthy dietary fat and calories to “feed” the newly implanted fat cells. Remember, each person’s case is entirely unique.

What should you do if you shed some weight?

If you unintentionally lose weight after your BBL, talk to your surgeon or a nutritionist about healthy ways to build it up again. As well, there are some muscle-building exercises for the gluteal region considered safe and beneficial to further enhance your results. You should expect to maintain your body fat at the level it was during your surgery. For this reason, putting on weight just before a BBL for the sake of fat “supply” can lead to long term disappointment if it’s not sustainable for a person’s metabolism.

Brazilian Butt Lift in NJ is a truly customizable cosmetic procedure. The amount of fat you have to harvest, purify and re-inject will be unique to you. Discuss your overall BMI, ( body mass index) your weight stability, and future fitness goals when planning your procedure. If you’d like to start making plans for your own buttocks enhancement, Dr. Gartner will be pleased to meet with you. Call and schedule your private consultation to find out what’s possible for you today.

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