The Best Way to Prepare for Your Brazilian Butt Lift in NJ

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The Best Way to Prepare for Your Brazilian Butt Lift in NJ

Brazilian Butt Lift

Make yourself comfortable

Along with needing the time to rest, you’ll also benefit from a comfortable place to do just that. For those who normally sleep on their back and side, learning to lay on your front for a month or so could take some getting used to. You can train ahead of time by practicing sleeping in positions that don’t compress the buttocks and hips.


To ensure optimal results and healing following a Brazilian butt lift, we recommend you wear specialized compression garments throughout the recovery period. Procedure-specific compression optimizes circulation to the surgical site and encourages blood flow to the thighs and buttocks. Your surgeon will advise you as to the duration of compression therapy.

Be Realistic

Just as you are unique, so too, will your butt lift be uniquely sculpted to compliment your body structure and size. You’ll need to be patient for many months while swelling slowly dissipates, and you wait to see established, permanent results.

For the most satisfying outcome, be sure to choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who uses the latest technology and techniques. Being the first board certified plastic surgeon to have performed the Brazilian butt lift in NJ, Dr. Gartner comes highly recommended. Feel free to book your consultation with him today!

Are You A Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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A few extra pounds? No problem

While many women in North America strive to be thin, in preparation for a New Jersey Brazilian Butt Lift, extra cushion is useful. You may need a few extra pounds in the abdomen, waist, thighs and even back of the arms because these areas will supply your fat graft material.

Plastic surgeons typically implant more fat than needed because a significant percentage will not survive and will be flushed out of the system within a month or two.

Is your surgeon a sculptor?

When it comes to Brazilian Butt Lift results, choosing a plastic surgeon with an artistic eye is essential. View your surgeon’s before and after photos of butt augmentation. The shape and overall aesthetic of results depend on where and how fat droplets are placed. The surgeon can place fat anywhere on the bottom, hips and thighs to create the shape you want.

You won’t be sitting for some time

Most BBL surgeons advise against sitting or laying on the back for at least 2-3 weeks. Doing so puts pressure on delicate fat grafts and may cause the tissue to die. Results are directly affected by how well you follow instructions after surgery, so this procedure comes with some reasonably high patient responsibility.

Even after 3 weeks, the amount of time you sit and the way you do it must be modified to ensure excellent blood flow and minimal pressure on fat cells. The new fat must be fed with adequate blood flow to become incorporated into the surrounding area. However, a Boppy pillow or cushion may be used to “sit” for short periods after the first 3 weeks.

If you’re considering putting curves in all the right places, we’ll be happy to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gartner, body contouring expert.

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