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Maintaining Scars After A Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

In comparison to other buttocks augmentation procedures, the Brazilian Butt Lift is an effective and safe cosmetic procedure with relatively few associated complications. The required incisions are extremely small and can be placed discretely so that they become virtually invisible.

Other benefits to the fat grafting approach versus silicone buttocks implants include having no risk of capsular contracture, malposition of the implant or significant infections which can occur more often related to synthetic buttocks implant surgery. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure requires a few 2 – 3 mm incisions used to harvest fat cells through liposuction on other areas of the body.

Scars are an inevitable reality whenever an incision is made in the skin, however the necessary scars for a Brazilian Butt Lift are extremely small and will be difficult for most people to see. Aside from discrete placement of incisions being a priority to ensure best aesthetic outcomes, the care of incisions and scars post-operatively will further help ensure that only faint, small and barely visible scars remain.

Avoid Exposure to Solar Radiation

It is well documented that direct exposure to high intensity ultraviolet solar rays can cause darkening of scar tissue. Increased pigmentation can occur on scar tissue, especially within the first year while scars are maturing and this makes them appear more visible. It is important to know that many types of clothing including swimwear and light fabric do not provide significant UV protection. During the first year after your procedure, it is recommended that you apply sunblock to scars and cover them completely if possible.

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Avoid Exposure to Irritants

Many people have grown accustomed to using harsh and irritating antimicrobial solutions for cleaning wounds and treating tissue injuries at home. Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointments are all popular and readily available over the counter for DIY, “wound care” however these can all act as irritants to the delicate surgical incision edges and new skin cell growth.

Infection is best prevented through careful, sterile surgical practices and closing, covering and protecting incisions post op. We recommend avoidance of baths, swimming pools and other sources of infection risk until incisions are healed. The non-selective action of topical wound care products can cause severe inflammatory reactions that can worsen the physical appearance of the eventual scar.

Topical creams such as Neosporin and vitamin E may actually delay healing and impair healthy scar formation and as long as no infection is present, irritating cleansers and antibacterial solutions can damage delicate tissues and provide no benefit.

Put Pressure On Your Scars

Once incisions are completely healed, you may use silicone sheeting to exert pressure on your incision scars to help them heal faster. The properties of the silicone sheets allow it to modify the static electric field in your scar to promote the remodeling of the collagen tissue. A few theories exist as to why silicone gels and sheets help lighten and flatten the appearance of scars but to date, they are the most effective option. Silicone treatment is typically recommended for 4-6 months post op- especially for those with darker skin tones and who know that they scar poorly.

If your scars appear raised, red or dark after a few months of care, consider booking an appointment with your surgeon to talk about scar treatment options available. These treatments may include; corticosteroid injections to reduce the thickness of the scar, bleaching creams to lighten the dark discoloration or lastly laser treatments.

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