How To Maximize The Results From Your Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey

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How To Maximize The Results From Your Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey

Brazilian Butt Lift

Imagine you could take the unwanted fat from one body area and move it to where you really want it- a curvy bottom? Well, you can, and that’s precisely why Brazilian Butt Lift procedures in New Jersey are so popular. Without the extensive, visible scars you might imagine, or any use of a synthetic implant, plastic surgeons can enhance your buttocks naturally using your own fat stem cells. The results are permanent, soft and beautiful.

Though it’s an impressive procedure, the ideal outcome depends somewhat on what patients do to prepare and to maintain their results after. Here we’ll list some key factors to consider for maximizing a butt lift through exercise.

You’ll Need To Wait On Exercising & Do Things Differently

You might be the kind of person who’s transformed your figure through hard work at the gym and dietary changes. If so, you’ll likely want to maintain your fitness routine, and this can lead to a frustrating issue post-BBL. You won’t be permitted to work out for at least a few weeks after surgery.

Directly following the big day, you can and should walk, but the intensity will be low. Raising the heart rate and BP can increase swelling and risk of fluid collections. As well, workouts designed to burn fat are counterproductive at this time. While your body establishes effective blood supply for new fat cells, you’re advised to let the body focus on rest and healing while ensuring adequate calorie consumption.

Once you’ve recovered sufficiently from your New Jersey Brazilian Butt Lift, your surgeon will clear you to begin easing into workouts again a few weeks later. How can you maintain a curvy bottom, while remaining slim and trim everywhere else? Here are a few exercise tips.

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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Utilize Interval Training

Alternating between periods of high intensity and shorter rest phases will amp up your metabolism and help ensure you’re not packing on extra pounds. Weight gain after BBL can show up in strange and unwanted ways as the body zones that did not undergo liposuction will be the first to put on fat.

Circuit Training

Moving quickly between different styles of workouts with minimal rest gains excellent results — Target major muscle groups like chest, legs and back.

Can you do heavy weight training after a Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey? Women who are into bodybuilding can certainly do so after their fat grafting procedure. Increasing gluteal muscle volume will enhance your results, if you continue to provide your system with ample nutrients and fat.

No one wants to pay for cosmetic surgery to increase the size of their buttocks then burn off the results through exercise. The amount of fat burning you induce depends on the number of calories you take in. There’s a delicate balance required, and if you plan to resume or begin intensive workouts, it’s well worth hiring a personal trainer or nutritionist to help you strike that balance and maintain the physique you want.

Yoga, running and other workouts that focus on cardiovascular health, flexibility and toning are good alternatives too.

Talk to your plastic surgeon about the right timing to resume all regular activities after your cosmetic procedure.

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