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Exercising After Your Brazilian Butt Lift in NJ

Brazilian Butt Lift

The diversity of people who seek a Brazilian Butt Lift in NJ is broad. Some people who have a difficult time building up gluteal muscle or fat will choose this fat grafting procedure to add the volume they want to the backside. Some people don’t like the general shape of their buttocks, and others find it difficult to remain the curvy fat padding they want there. Many of our BBL patients are fit, and the prospect of avoiding the gym for weeks while they heal is daunting. You will need to stay away from aerobic exercise for a short time post-surgery, and you will have some restrictions on heavy lifting or other strenuous work for a time. Rest assured that once you’re completely healed and fat stem cells are established, you can work out again. So, what will exercise be like after your Brazilian Butt Lift?

Avoid burning fat directly after NJ Brazilian Butt Lift

You’ll be able to build muscle and maintain healthy fitness levels again, but dieting or burning fat right after BBL is a bad idea. Your expert body sculpting surgeon can do a beautiful job creating the shape and size of backside you want, but you have a responsibility to heal carefully at home. You’ll be advised to walk regularly, but strenuous fat burning exercise and any cardio workouts should be avoided until your plastic surgeon gives you the all-clear. In fact, they may advise you to increase healthy fat consumption and calorie intake to feed the delicate new fat cells. During the initial 8 weeks, your fat stem cells will be establishing a blood supply.

Tiny blood vessels expand under increased pressure with physical exercise and put these initial connections at risk. As well, the hard work of healing requires energy, and you’ll need plenty of rest to allow optimal healing.

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Avoid intensity workouts for fat- burning

While you’ll be able to resume squats and other gluteal muscle building, as well as running, yoga or Pilates, fat-burning exercises may not be beneficial for you. Interval training, alternating between periods of high intensity and rest kicks your metabolism into fat burning mode. If you’d prefer to have a soft cushion and curves on your backside, these workouts will work against you.

Lifting heavy weights to build bulk and strength is more popular with women than ever, but these workouts can lead to fat-burning for days after. If you’re planning heavy fitness of the type that burns calories, consult with a trainer or nutritionist who can advise you how to safely increase your calorie intake accordingly.

Brisk walking, running, Yoga and many sports provide good toning and aerobic exercise without intense fat-burning. NJ Brazilian Butt Lift patients will retain their implanted fat once established and healed, yet those fat cells can expand and shrink as other fat does. To learn more about this cosmetic procedure and the actions you can take to see optimal results, schedule your personal consultation with the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.

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