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Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Fat Transfer

Brazilian Butt Lift

With the growing trend of Brazilian butt lift surgeries in the United States, it is becoming quite common for our clients to ask us how the procedure differs from fat transfer.

This is an excellent question because some cosmetic surgery procedures have more than one name to describe the exact same procedure. The terminology can be somewhat confusing for someone who is not a member of a profession based in the cosmetic industry. Brazilian butt lift is the layman term that is often used to describe a butt augmentation procedure involving the transfer of fat from other regions, (harvest sites) of the body, to the buttocks.

The procedure requires the plastic surgeon to perform a liposuction for fat collection in the abdomen or flanks or other body areas. The fat that is collected is treated in a special way before it can be injected back into the patient’s body in the region of the buttocks. The procedure involves a combination of sculpting various regions of the body known to have fat deposits and then transferring this excess fat to a more desirable location.

As a result, not only can the process of fat transferring or, “fat grafting” be used to modify the contour and appearance of the buttocks, but also allows for removal of fat from the undesired locations of the body such as the belly, love handles and arms.

Plastic surgeons who perform this surgery will contribute greatly to the overall look and aesthetic effect though their artistic eye and experience working with this medium. The ability to sculpt the entire body is believed to be one of the reasons that the procedure has become so popular, especially among the younger or middle-aged generation.

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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When someone talks about Brazilian butt lift, they are usually only referring the procedure of transferring the fat from other regions of the body to the buttocks. On the other hand, fat transfer is a more general surgical term which will be utilized for Brazilian butt lift but can also be performed in other areas of the body to achieve different goals. In fact, Brazilian butt lift can be considered as a type of surgical augmentation procedure that does not require implants.

The fat transfer can be beneficial for patients who lack sufficient body fat deposits for a dramatic buttocks augmentation and require a combination of butt implants and fat transfer to be able to achieve their desired results. In these individuals, the implants will be responsible for most of the butt augmentation, however, a small quantity of fat will still be used to give the natural soft feel and appearance to the buttocks.

If you are considering a butt augmentation procedure, discuss the Brazilian butt lift procedure with your surgeon. Your board certified Plastic Surgeon will examine you, discuss your goals and let you know if fat transfer to the buttocks, (Brazilian Butt Lift) could be right for you.

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