Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey- What Are The Benefits?

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Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey- What Are The Benefits?

Brazilian Butt Lift

In today’s culture, a curvaceous figure and fuller bottom are attractive to many people. Because of this, butt implants are in high-demand for plastic surgery patients.

However, did you know that implants aren’t the only way to achieve the curvy result you’re looking for?

Another proven effective method to add volume is via fat grafting. In New Jersey, Brazilian Butt Lift is the common term to describe liposuction and fat grafting to reshape the bottom. The procedure includes two-steps and involves removing excess fat from body parts where it’s not wanted, (like your abdomen or back) and injecting it into your buttocks.

You might be asking yourself, why choose a BBL over butt implants? Keep reading to learn 5 benefits of getting a Brazilian butt lift in New Jersey.

1. Brazilian Butt Lifts look and feel more natural than implants

Firm, silicone Implants carry a risk of irregular contours or palpable edges. Because they do not change, as patients gain or lose weight the implant appearance can become disproportionate. Conversely, a BBL uses your body’s own fat cells. They stay where grafted, but they do grow and shrink naturally. Because of this, your enhanced buttocks will appear more natural and accommodate subtle weight fluctuations.

2. A BBL will improve your proportions

Eating healthy and working out can only do so much to change your body’s natural measurements. If you’re after a curvy and proportionate figure, a BBL can give you that and more. When fat stem cells are injected, they will enhance the shape and volume of buttocks in the way you and your surgeon choose. Each procedure is 100% customized, and your expert plastic surgeon can sculpt a shape you love.

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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3. Undergoing a BBL reduces fat in other body areas

One of the added benefits of a BBL is that the fat harvested to enhance your butt will be taken from hips, stomach, abdomen, back or love handles. You’ll end up losing fat from an area you’d rather have less and putting it in where you do want it- permanently.

4. Your cellulite will be less noticeable

Another bonus of BBL over implants is that your bottom will feel soft but lose some of the dimples or other contour irregularities you don’t like. Moreover, because BBLs lift the buttocks slightly, they can also reduce the amount of visible cellulite you have on your thighs. Overall, your bottom half will appear shapelier, smoother and firmer.

5. Quick and safe results

It will take several weeks to see the full result of your surgery, but knowing it’ll be permanent and last a lifetime helps put the recovery in perspective. The procedure is also completely FDA approved and represents fewer health risks than butt implants. Brazilian Butt Lifts don’t involve inserting foreign material into your body, or substantial incisions. Recovery is therefore much faster, and you’ll have minimal chance of infection or rejection.

Learning about all the transformative possibilities of a BBL could motivate you to schedule your own consultation. To discuss a Brazilian butt lift in New Jersey with Dr. Michael Gartner, board-certified body contouring expert, contact us today.

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