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Brazilian Butt Lift Is The Best Reshaping Option

Brazilian Butt Lift

You have lost the shapely curves of your behind; pregnancy or weight fluctuations have taken a toll on your body; your buttocks have become lax and no longer fill in your form- fitting clothing. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, with age, many women begin to notice undesirable changes in the shape, size, and projection of their derriere as the buttocks often become flat, droopy, or even misshapen over time. These changes can be extremely disheartening and often have a significant impact on a woman’s self-esteem. Luckily, there are a number of different body contouring treatments available, including the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the best buttock reshaping option.

What Is A BBL?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is an incredibly safe and effective body contouring procedure which involves transferring fat from various areas of the patient’s body to their buttocks. Although this fat can be taken from almost any part of the body, provided that there is sufficient fat present, most women prefer to have fat removed from their abdomen, waist, and flanks.

As a result, the procedure accomplishes two goals, providing greater definition to the patient’s waist while also enhancing and reshaping the buttocks. Thus, unlike alternative butt augmentation procedures such as butt implants, the BBL can help the patient to achieve a more desirable hourglass figure, restoring the shape of more than just her buttocks.

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a patience’s fat to improve the size and shape of their butt.

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How Does It Work?

Because it accomplishes more than one goal, the BBL is a multistep procedure. First, liposuction is used to harvest the fat for the transfer while simultaneously removing unwanted fat from the donor site. The collected fat is then purified in a handheld centrifuge, which enables Dr. Gartner to separate the healthy fat needed for the transfer. Next, the purified fat is injected into the buttocks using a precise micro-droplet technique, which utilizes tiny cannulas to ensure that the fat is injected evenly throughout the buttocks.

The micro-droplet technique delivers beautiful, even, and long-lasting results as the transferred fat develops micro blood vessels which grow into the fat cells, ensuring their long-term survival. While older techniques of fat transfer had a very low survival rate, as injecting large wads of fat into single areas of the buttocks did not support their long-term survival, the micro-droplet technique increases the survivability of the transferred fat, reducing the likelihood that a second procedure will be necessary.

In addition to improving the longevity of the results, Dr. Gartner’s technique also ensures that the outcome is much more natural, as the fat is distributed throughout the buttocks, evenly reshaping your derriere in a way that is not possible with alternative butt augmentation procedures.

When performed by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon, the BBL is the best buttock reshaping treatment option. Dr. Gartner has been performing this procedure, previously referred to as autologous fat transfer, for over a decade, during which time he has refined and perfected the Brazilian Butt Lift. To learn more about this procedure and to determine your candidacy for a BBL, we welcome you to contact our clinic to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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