Brazilian Butt Lift: 10 Things You Should Do Before Your Procedure

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Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey: 10 Things You Should Do Before Your Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift

As you get excited leading up to your Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey, you may be so focused on the recovery and results that you forget some essential pre-planning. We’re here to let you know what the top 10 things to do before your butt lift are.

No doubt you want to get the most from your procedure and love your body transformation. We can help you, and you can help too by following these guidelines.

You Must Stop Smoking Before A Brazilian Butt Lift In New Jersey

Most plastic surgeons will recommend that you avoid all nicotine for at least two weeks before and after a cosmetic procedure. That’s because it’s the minimum time required to clear that drug from your system. It’s a critical step to take because nicotine constricts blood flow and slows healing. That can mean poor blood circulation to nourish new fat grafts, slow wound healing and increased infection. Smoking is a great way to detract from your result- you don’t want that.

Ask For Help

Sometimes people underestimate just how tricky it will be to get around and take care of themselves after. You will feel pretty good. However, you can’t sit for a time and will require assistance with some tasks post-procedure. Don’t hesitate to ask or hire help around the house, for child and pet care.

Stay Hydrated After Brazilian Butt Lift

If you want to stay regular, clear anesthetic out of your system faster and heal quickly, drink plenty of fluids.

Eat Nutrient-Dense Food

You’ll have permission post-BBL to eat lots of nutritious food and healthy fats. You may not have a strong appetite right after surgery, but it’s essential you feed the fat and get all the calories you need to avoid losing weight.

Prep The Home

You’ll need help with running errands and arranging your sitting/sleeping area so that it’s comfortable and safe. Prepare with pillows and having everything you need handy in the days before your surgery.

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Plan Enough Time To Rest

Sometimes New Jersey Brazilian Butt Lift patients assume they’ll be back to work and socializing quickly after this procedure. Not scheduling enough time off- preferably 3 weeks- can mean rushing back before you’re ready. Most swelling and soreness is gone by 2 weeks, but you will have activity restrictions in place that can make it challenging to work and relax in public.

Wear The Garments As Advised

If you’re asked to wear a post-liposuction compression garment, ensure you wear it consistently because it will reduce your swelling faster and help your body conform to the desired shape while healing.

Maintain Stable Weight

You’ll want to be fit before surgery and if you plan to lose any weight, do it beforehand because dieting and shedding fat post-procedure can affect your results.

Use Pain Management Tools

Patients usually experience minimal pain due to long-acting anesthetic in the tissues, but for swelling, aches and sensitivity, we recommend you take your pain medication as prescribed. Sometimes people hold off until they’re quite uncomfortable and that’s unnecessary misery. Most discomfort will be resolved by 1 week.

Set Realistic Expectations

You’ll need to wait several weeks to truly see your results, and this can be frustrating for many people. Initially, swelling and all the fresh fat graft volume will make your bottom look significantly larger; then this volume will shrink somewhat as you heal. You’ll need to expect these changes and be patient for long term results to be satisfied with your butt lift.

At the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we spend considerable time with our patients helping them prepare and know precisely what to expect before and after a cosmetic procedure. If you’re interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Gartner. He’s a body sculpting expert, double board-certified plastic surgeon and he’ll be pleased to help you reach your goals.

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