8 Tips To Help You Recover After Your Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey

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8 Tips To Help You Recover After Your Brazilian Butt Lift in New Jersey

Brazilian Butt Lift

New Jersey Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a favorite body reshaping procedure designed to move excess fat from unwanted areas and place it exactly where you do want it. Fat-grafting is used in various cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to naturally re-volumize body areas. After the fat cells have been carefully placed, the ongoing care and treatment of the region while recovering is just as important as choosing a skilled expert for the procedure.

Your commitment to follow instructions and heal well will directly affect how much you love your BBL in the long run.

Wear Your Compression Garments Are Advised

There’s usually a form-fitting, tight garment assigned to be worn after body sculpting surgery. This will be constructed from a very elastic material and once in place, compresses the treatment areas consistently.

It’s important to wear this garment as advised for as long as your surgeon tells you to because it accomplishes crucial things. It helps prevent fluid pockets from building up and decreases your swelling faster. It will also help to conform the newly implanted fat to the desired shape as you heal.

Feed Your Fat

This will go against your instincts if you’re accustomed to dieting and restricting calories, but post-BBL is not the ideal time to diet. In fact, you may be advised to increase the number of calories you consume. Eating nutrient-dense meals and healthy fats will help ensure that your newly implanted fat cells survive.

Plan For Creative Sleeping

You’ll be advised against pressing on your newly grafted fat cells for at least 2 months post-surgery. That means that sitting and laying flat on your back is a no-go throughout that time. If you haven’t been a front-sleeper until now, you’ll need to start. This is typically the only safe position for 2-3 months. You may need to invest in firm body pillows which can lay on either side of you and prevent you from rolling over unintentionally during the night.

Don’t Drive For At Least Two Weeks After Brazilian Butt Lift In New Jersey

Sitting is advised against after BBL because it puts pressure on the healing grafts. Driving is even more harmful because while you sit, you’ll also press down on the brake/gas and more force is then transferred to the buttocks. Typically, the longer you can wait, the higher the percentage of surviving fat you’ll have. There are some customized pillows designed to offload butt pressure and transfer it to the thighs. Ask your plastic surgeon to advise you about assistive products.

Don’t Smoke

Don’t smoke or use nicotine products before surgery or after. The effects on your bloodstream are such that blood flow to tiny vessels is constricted when people smoke, and even when they are exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke. After fat transfer, the fat cells need to establish a blood supply as quickly as possible to thrive.

Pause The Gym Membership

Exercise is a great way to improve healthy blood flow and circulation, as well as clear the toxins and waste products from your system; you can’t resume physical activity right away though. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to refrain from elevating blood pressure and heart rate for several weeks after surgery because these increase swelling.

Keep Your Body Weight Stable

You should have a stable body weight before Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and certainly after. The new cells which heal and establish themselves will shrink and grow according to weight fluctuations just as they usually do. You don’t need to worry about small amounts such as 5 lbs, but if you gain a significant amount you could grow fat cells in new problem areas. As well, dramatic weight loss can shrink your bottom to the degree that you diminish your result.

If you have more questions about BBL, we’d like to hear from you. Contact the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center to schedule your consultation today.

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