What You Need To Know About Awake Breast Augmentation In New Jersey

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Surprising Details You Need To Know About Awake Breast Augmentation In New Jersey

Awake Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is normally performed with the patient unconscious through general anesthesia but some surgeons will offer the option for an awake breast augmentation. This procedure uses local anesthesia, usually a form of nerve block, to prevent pain and promote patient comfort while still allowing a woman to remain conscious during their New Jersey breast augmentation.

Using local anesthesia instead of general sedation for a breast augmentation is largely a matter of patient preference. While some people are understandably squeamish about the idea of being awake during surgery, others may find that the option offers several advantages that can’t be obtained with general sedation.

Easier Recovery

One of the drawbacks of general anesthesia is the nausea, dizziness, and fatigue patients experience when it wears off. This is sometimes described as a “hangover” feeling and can last for a few days. Some women have a harsher reaction to anesthesia than others and may, for instance, have to deal with vomiting during their initial recovery period. Women who opt for an awake breast augmentation in New Jersey find that sitting through the procedure is preferable to the discomfort from recovering from general anesthesia.

Sense of Security

It is natural for anyone to have anxiety about undergoing surgery since the process, by its very nature, taps into basic fears about loss of control and uncertainty. For some, the option to stay awake and have the surgery explained to them as it progresses can be an effective way to handle this anxiety. The opportunity to deliver immediate feedback to the surgeon on how they’re feeling or give input on their implants is also a good way to help patients feel more relaxed and in control during their breast augmentation.

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Less Risk

General anesthesia has a very good safety profile with serious complications happening less than once per 10,000 sedations and death being ten times rarer. The source of these risks has to do with how general anesthesia works. It operates by cutting off nerve signals between the brain and the body, preventing pain but also paralyzing the patient for the duration. Local anesthesia also blocks nerve signals but does so in a much more targeted and localized manner, so the same risks, however small, simply do not exist.


Local anesthesia is considered a type of preemptive analgesic. This means that it is applied before the surgery and blocks pain and sensation for the duration of the surgery itself and for some of the initial post-op time frame. Awake breast augmentation in New Jersey is performed using tumescent fluid, a mixture of lidocaine, epinephrine, and saline to numb the area around the breasts. The surgery is then performed as normal with the patient woozy but awake, comfortable, and able to talk, joke, and offer input into the process.

Third Option

When deciding whether to undergo your breast augmentation using general or local sedation, it’s worth noting that there is a third option of deep-plus-local. This is a combination of local sedation to remove pain and deep sedation to put the patient to sleep. It is a worthy choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of local sedation without having to actually stay awake during their surgery. The main drawback to this approach is that it is an advanced anesthesia technique and not all surgeons will have experience using it in cosmetic procedures so the option isn’t as widely available.

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