10 Things You Need Before Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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10 Things You Need To Get Before Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

Breast Augmentation With Implants

Maybe you’ve been asking everyone you know who has breast implants to tell you what their procedure experience was like. You might be surprised to hear that each person has a personal take on what the recovery was like after breast augmentation in New Jersey. That’s because we all have unique tolerance for pain and discomfort. It’s also due in part to the fact that some people are better prepared than others to spend time resting and relaxing at home.

We want you to enjoy your healing experience after surgery as much as possible. Yes, you’ll feel a bit sore and achy, but you really can enjoy your BBA staycation with a few helpful tips. We’re revealing our top patient recommended preparation and recovery tips to follow.

Before Breast Augmentation In New Jersey, Give Your Home A Relaxation Makeover

Let’s face it, though you can walk around perfectly fine post-op; you’ll be relaxing in bed and on the couch a fair bit in the first few days. For many busy women, there’s nothing more frustrating than laying on the couch and noticing dust bunnies, laundry piled up, dishes and other chores beckoning. It’s hard to relax in a space where things need to get done. You can resist the urge to get up and fuss too much by doing a deep clean and reorganizing before the big day. Gather lots of cushions to prop you up, stack your favorite magazines and snacks near the couch, and be sure your most comfy lounging clothes are ready to go.

Set Up Your Recovery Table

You won’t need much in the way of wound care, but having gauze nearby, your prescription medications handy, water, tissues, baby wipes, lip balm and other comfort supplies right beside your bed or couch is ideal. You might want to have bendy straws handy to make sipping in bed easier too.

Raise The Head Of The Bed

You’ll need to rest and sleep with your head and shoulders elevated at roughly 45-degrees. This helps reduce swelling and will also keep you more comfortable. A pile of soft pillows doesn’t make good long-term support and may leave your back aching, but if you elevate the whole head of the bed a bit beforehand, and grab a few big, firm pillows, you’ll be all set.

Homeopathic Arnica Pellets & Cream Can Help

If your plastic surgeon recommends it, arnica tablets are a safe and effective way to reduce bruising and inflammation faster. The pellets are dissolved in the mouth, and the cream can be gently rubbed over the swollen breasts. Be sure to avoid applying anything over steri-strips or sutures.

Get Some Luxurious Body Lotion Ready

Skin which has been swollen and stretched for a while can be quite dry and flakey. Your breast and chest area may feel tight, itchy and dry after breast augmentation in New Jersey. When your surgeon gives you the all clear, putting on lotion feels heavenly.

Are You A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed at our state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facility.

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Ask For Help With Kids & Pets

This really can’t be emphasized enough. Call in favors with friends and family, or splurge and pay for sitters, dog walkers, even house-keepers. You will need someone else to do the driving for at least 1 week. You won’t be permitted to lift, pull, push or do anything strenuous with your arms for a number of weeks. It’s well worth it to have extra hands around for at least the first 14 days after BA.

Stock Up On Food

Even better, load up on prepared and pre-cooked meals. You won’t feel like standing over a stove and creating any meals that are complicated or labour-intensive. In the first week, your arms and chest will be sore, and you’d be surprised how much you use those muscles creating meals. It takes a bit of extra work in the weeks before, but you can save money by purchasing and prepping before surgery.

Walk & Drink Water

The postoperative pain medications combined with smaller meals and laying about can amount to pretty uncomfortable constipation. Your doctor will prescribe medications to help, but you can get ahead of it by ensuring you move around, stay hydrated and eat plenty of soluble fiber.

Don’t Splurge On A New Bra Yet

This might sound like a strange ‘helpful tip,’ but so many women spend money too soon on bras. Swelling can cause breast shape and size distortion. Size is hard to predict, and you may temporarily look a little bigger, or smaller, than you will finally end up. While the pectoral muscles and skin are tight and firm with inflammation, breast implants will be somewhat squished, and they may sit quite high for a short time. They won’t fit regular bras accurately.

Now’s not the time to try and get fitted for the premium lingerie. Enjoy lounging in your surgical or sports bras; then you can have fun with the first shopping trip months down the road.

Keep Easy-Access Clothes Handy

Until at least the 3-week mark, stretching your arms to fasten finicky clothing items is a no-go. Pulling anything tight over your head won’t feel great either. Your most comfortable options will be button and zip up shirts or loose, stretchy clothes.

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