Your Guide To Sleeping Positions After Your Breast Lift Procedure

Your Guide To Sleeping Positions After Your Breast Lift Procedure

Congratulations on a successful breast lift procedure at the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Manhattan, New York. We are thrilled to walk with each of our patients through this journey and will continue to guide you through the recovery process.

When you have a breast lift in New York, our goal is to help you achieve the best, possible results with minimal discomfort. It can be difficult to sleep comfortably directly after a cosmetic surgery, but we have some tips to help.


  • After your breast lift procedure, you will be instructed to wear a support bra or compression garment for five to seven days, post-operation. The purpose of this garment is to help support the breasts and provide gentle compression, and it should be worn during the day and night while sleeping as well. Fortunately, this support garment is made from relaxed material and unlike a traditional bra, so it is much more comfortable to sleep with.
  • During the breast lift recovery process, it is helpful to sleep with two to three pillows under your head and upper back to allow for proper elevation. This can relieve pressure from the breasts while tissue is inflamed and minimize swelling and pain.
  • Some patients also find it helpful to place a pillow under their knees to maintain the proper sleeping positions during the night. Depending on the sleeping position, some prefer pillows alongside them to create a nest-like bed.


With respect to sleeping positions, here are three positions that our medical team recommends to patients who have undergone a breast lift surgery.


Sleeping On Your Side

This may already be your natural sleeping position and many people find that sleeping on their sides is the most comfortable position after undergoing a breast lift procedure. It does not matter if it is the left or right side that you sleep on, as long as you are relaxed and can receive a goodnight’s rest. Using a pillow to help support the upper arm may help if you are finding this position a little difficult.


Sleeping On Your Back

This back position is another popular sleeping positions for comfort after a breast lift surgery because it helps keep the pressure off of your new, treated breasts. When sleeping on your side, ensure that a pillow is supporting your neck for maximum comfort and a goodnight’s sleep.


Sleep While Sitting Up

Sleeping while sitting may seem a little unusual, but it is a good position if you cannot sleep well on your back or sides. We recommend trying an airplane pillow or rolled-up towel for proper support of your neck during your sleep.

If you usually prefer to sleep on your stomach, we highly recommend you avoid that position for the duration of your recovery process or at least 4-6 weeks. Until your body is healed, it is best to not apply any pressure on the chest after a breast lift surgery. This is not because it will ruin the shape of the breasts, but that it will be incredibly uncomfortable and/or even painful.

Regardless of which position you decide to sleep in or how many pillows you use to support your rest, strong pain medication taken as prescribed before bed will also help alleviate discomfort through the night. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Paramus, New Jersey clinic in New York for more tips on recovery from your breast lift surgery.

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