Should I Wait For Breast Augmentation New Jersey Until After Childbirth?

Should I Wait To Have A Breast Augmentation In New Jersey Until After Childbirth?

There are a lot of considerations to take into account before deciding to have a breast augmentation. Perhaps you have beaten breast cancer in the past. You might also be considering breast implants for the sole purpose of improving the way you look and feel. Whether or not you have been having children, you may be curious about whether you should wait to have a breast augmentation until after childbirth.

Keep reading to discover more about the physical changes that occur to your body during pregnancy and the reasons why you shouldn’t have breast implants until after you’ve had all of your children.

The Basics: What Is A Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that may either use an implant or the patient’s own fat to enhance the size of the breasts or improve the form of the breasts. Breast augmentation, which is sometimes referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, is a highly well-liked and widespread surgical procedure that may enhance the size of your breasts by one or more cup sizes.

During a breast augmentation procedure, breast implants may be surgically inserted under the breast tissue or the chest muscle in order to give women the appearance of bigger and more shapely breasts. In certain cases, a breast lift will be done in combination with this sort of breast enlargement procedure.

What Kind Of Changes Happen To The Body Due To Pregnancy?

Before we go into a more detailed explanation about why you should wait until after pregnancy to have a breast augmentation, we wanted to go over some of the changes the body goes through. This way it’s much easier to understand why it’s important to wait until after your pregnancies are over.

Over the course of nine months, a woman’s body will go through a number of significant physical changes while she is pregnant. In particular, a woman who is about to become a mother may suffer weight increase in the midsection and around the breasts. The hormonal shifts that occur in the body during pregnancy are responsible for the growth of the breasts and the increased production of milk.

Early pregnancy symptoms include breast enlargement, pain and tenderness in the breasts, as well as a heavy sensation in the chest. Not only will a mother’s breasts alter in size and form, but the areolas and nipples will also grow in size and become more sensitive than they were before pregnancy. All of these changes in a woman’s body are ways that her body naturally adjusts to accommodate the growing baby that is developing inside of her. For that reason, any women looking to get a breast augmentation need to wait till after their body has recovered from this tremendous change.

When Should Breast Augmentations Be Performed: Before Or After Pregnancy?

Breast augmentations, which are often referred to as augmentation mammoplasty or “boob jobs,” are one of the most prevalent forms of cosmetic surgery that women choose to have done. This operation seeks to improve both the size and contour of the breasts so that they are more in line with the woman’s ideal body type.

When considering getting breast implants, it’s recommended that you hold off on getting them until after you’ve had your baby. The most evident advantage of delaying the procedure is to protect the desired form and dimensions that were achieved as a consequence of the surgical procedure. Because the breasts go through so many changes throughout pregnancy, it’s not uncommon for them to grow uncomfortably enormous or to droop as a direct consequence of the weight increase that goes along with it.

Women who received breast implants before becoming pregnant run the risk of having to have reconstructive surgery a second time after giving birth to correct any unfavorable changes that happened to their bodies as a result of the pregnancy.

Pro’s And Con’s Of A Breast Augmentation

There are other advantages and disadvantages to postponing your breast augmentation till after your done having children as well as doing the surgery too early, such as:

Pros Of Waiting To Get Your Breast Augmentation Surgery After Having Children

  • Your surgery will be tailored to your new body after having your children.
  • You won’t need to worry about your results being compromised by having children.
  • You can prolong the life of your results.

Cons Of Getting Your Breast Augmentation Surgery Done Before Having Children

  • You risk damaging your results after having a baby.
  • It may stretch the skin or add drooping.
  • You may need a revision surgery.

In spite of these potential negatives, there is absolutely no reason why women who have finished having children should be prevented from undergoing breast augmentation if they so choose to do so.

You should be able to recover from your treatment without experiencing any issues as long as you have enough assistance and support at home while you are in the process of recovering from it. If a breast lift is necessary, it may be done at the same time as an augmentation to offer you complete results from a single surgical treatment. This will save you time and money.

Can You Nurse After Having A Breast Augmentation?

Before getting breast implants, a major concern that many women have is whether or not they will be able to nurse their children after becoming pregnant. The good news is that the majority of moms who have had implants can still nurse their children. The primary reason for this is because the milk ducts that are responsible for producing milk during pregnancy are not affected by the majority of breast augmentation surgery. The location of the incision that is created during the implant process is a significant factor in determining whether or not a woman will be able to breastfeed after receiving implants.

If a woman chooses to have an incision made around the areola, which is referred to as a periareolar incision, she runs the risk of experiencing a loss of sensitivity in the nipple and the link with some of the underlying milk ducts may be destroyed. Because of this, it is essential to have a conversation with your surgeon regarding the possibility of nursing after receiving implants before making any choices.

In the end, the decision to wait or not wait before committing to a procedure that will drastically alter your life is entirely up to you. It may be challenging to wait for a great number of women, particularly those who are young and do not want to have a family in the near future. If you want to have a family at a young age, delaying the insertion of breast implants may be the best course of action for you to take. When deciding whether or not to have breast implants, it is usually a good idea to seek the advice of your family doctor or even trusted friends who have already undergone the procedure.

If You Have Had Surgery, Would You Need To Undergo Revision Surgery Once You Get Pregnant?

After the end of the pregnancy and weaning period, the breasts will often return to their pre-pregnancy state since the hormones that signal the body to produce breast milk have stopped being produced. This will result in a reduction in the size of the glandular tissue that makes up the breast. This could make the breast seem different or even flatter as a result. Whether or not there is a breast implant present, these changes may be irreversible, which means that the breast may never completely restore its look prior to pregnancy. This is true regardless of whether or not there is a breast implant present.

This indicates that regardless of the outcome of your pregnancy, you should at least consider the possibility of undergoing breast lift surgery or breast revision surgery in the future.

Why Choose Gartner Plastic Surgery In New Jersey?

There are many reasons you may want to choose Gartner Plastic Surgery in New Jersey for your breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Gartner is a highly experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, and always makes sure that he and the team spend enough time with you to assist you in realizing your objectives regarding breast augmentation, assist you in making decisions regarding the timing of these procedures, and answer any and all of your questions. Not only that, but he has decades of experience perfecting the breast augmentation techniques that are considered to be the gold-standard in the industry.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation In New Jersey

Our team at Gartner Plastic Surgery in New Jersey are more than happy to engage in conversation with you and provide answers to any questions you may have. You may also book an appointment by calling our clinic or filling out a contact form on our website. From there, we will go over your goals and expectations from the surgery to ensure we are able to achieve the absolute best results for you!

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